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Since the night of the arrest, my mom and i have had zero contact with my father.

My mom and I still owned all of our furniture, clothes, and accessories, and most importantly food.

My mom managed to get 3 million by selling a huge diamond we had on display so we can manage.

I live in a small apartment in Brooklyn now and lemme tell you, it's not pretty.

Knock knock

I got up and walked towards the door and opened it, a woman with brown eyes and hair to the side looked at me, "You must be our new neighbor! I'm from next door and we'd like to invite you for dinner to get to know you guys, I'm making some of my famous dishes, so if you'd like to come-" "We will be there." I replied, "Well see you at 8." She replied.

I nodded and closed the door.

It was currently 2:30 so I got up and dressed up a bit.

I wore a black and white simple jumpsuit and hoop earrings.

My hair was in simple heated curls and it dangled as I released it from my ponytail.

"I need to go shopping." I said as I got up and grabbed my Coach handbag and walked out of the small-ish apartment.

As I was walking past a broke school, everyone gave me weird looks, I felt someone hit me in a spot I like to call my tooshie.

I spun around and saw a boy laughing, I walked up to him and shoved him in the ground, and kicked him where the sun doesn't shine, "What in gods name is your problem!" His friend exclaimed, "You cunt." I spat as I spun around again and headed towards the mall, I heard girls gossiping about me, "Look! It's daddy's lil girl!" One of them shouted, I pointed a finger at them without looking and continued walking.

I found a small diner next to the mall and thought, I was kinda hungry, so I walked in.

As I found a random seat, I made eye contact with a guy, he had beautiful curly hair, brown eyes and dark-fair skin. He looked at me carefully but looked at his friend again who was blonde.

I sat behind their booth.

I sat where I could face the blonde one, she stared at me in shock.

I rolled my eyes thinking she knew me because of my dad and opened the menu and hid my face while reading the menu, someone slammed my menu down, it was the girl I threw a finger at.

"Listen up rich girl, I don't know who you think you are, but you doing all of those things you did back there all have consequences that your daddy isn't here to protect you from, so let's start with some basics, she said as two guys from before popped out next to her.

They grabbed my arms so tight I couldn't even try to get out, "Yo back off Mel." The boy sitting at the booth said as he got up, "Miles? Your on this bitches side? She literally harassed us, and we just wanna return the favor." She said as she grabbed my neck.

"Come on Mel.... is hurting someone that isn't worth your time exactly what you want?" He asked, she sighed and signaled them to let me go, they dropped me to the ground but one of the boys I pushed wasn't done with me, he grabbed his pocket knife and pointed it at me, "Next time you decide to embarrass me in front of my buds, you will regret it, got it?" He asked, I grabbed the knife and got up and pointed it to him.

"Next time you decide to touch me anywhere or not just me, any girl, don't forget who I am and how fast I can end you. Just because my dad isn't here doesn't mean I lost all of my "plugs", let's not forget who is the relevant one here." I said as I walked past him and threw the pocket knife somewhere out of everyone's reach.

/time skip brought to you by me needing to use the restroom but being 20 minutes away from my home/

I walked inside my house and saw my mom drinking wine.

"We have dinner soon with the neighbors so get dressed mum." I said as I threw my bag across the room.

"We have dinner here ya know-" "Frozen pizza rolls isn't dinner mom!" I shouted, "When is this gonna end! When is dad gonna return because I'm tired of this crazy bs!" I exclaimed.

"Oh you think I'M NOT?!" She yelled at me, "JUST GET READY MOM!" I shouted as I slammed the door of my room.

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