Chapter eight

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Chapter eight

Levent’s perspective

“Hey Lev, I was, uhm, wondering if you wanted to go out this friday?” Cassey’s voice appeared at my locker. I looked at her. I don’t date, Even if I did, the only girl I’d date would be Daniela.

“I don’t date.” I glared down at her, grabbing one of my books, closing my locker and turning to walk away.

“Well have you dated before?” she asked following me. Who does she think she is? Asking me if I have dated before. “Yes.” I snapped, coldly.

“So... Would that be a yes?” She asked. Was she deaf or something?!

“Uh, I just said yes.” I said and continued to walked to class. She squealed, and ran off. Um? What was her problem.

I heard Daniela yell “Cassey! Shut up, just SHUT UP!” Wait.. did she think I said yes to the date? Ah, crap!

"Cassey! Get over here!" I yelled.

She turned and ran to me. Awkward.

"Did you think I said yes to the date? Tell me you couldn't have possibly thought that." I glared at her.

"I did, though. I thought you had said yes.." Her face turn somewhat sad.

"No. No to the date. N-o." I spat at her.

"So, that's a yes?" She lokoed up at me.

"Yes.." I swear, she's deaf. She has to be.

"So yes to the date!?" She got all excited. Good heavens.

"No! No to the date! JUST NO!" I snapped. "Lord have mighty!" I threw my hands up.

“b-” She started but the bell cut her off. We both walked into class, I walked to my seat in the back, my face emotionless. Until, Daniela glared at me? What is her problem? Wait! Did she hear me tell her sister no? Ah crap. Girls. So confusing!

I sat back against my chair, scowl on my face. Every word the teacher said made the anger boil more inside of me. When finally I got up and stormed out of the room. That stupid voice was annoying me. Not helping my confused, depressed self. I leaned against my locker blasting my music trying to help get rid of my headache. That is how I got rid of headaches. Blasting death metal.

The bell rung and Daniela walked out, annoyed. I took out my earbuds. “Dani, what is your problem?!” I asked first time using her nickname.

“First, You can call me daniela, and why don’t you go talk to Cassey, since-” I cut her off. “Why would- “ She cut me off.

“Didn’t your parents ever teach manners? It’s rude to interupt someone.” She glared

I just stared at her. “You know nothing about me.” I glared. “Let’s keep it that way” she snapped.

She doesn’t know anything. Ugh! I hate my life. I stormed down the hall to my next class. Luckily, I didn’t have this class with her.

I sat down in my chair, The teacher wasn’t here, nor was most of the class. I was early. “

“Hey look who’s here.” George said to his ‘posse’ I rolled my eyes. “Why don’t you go get a life like your imaginary friend” I muttered. “Why don’t you go turn yourself in for murder!” He snapped.

I froze.

“See, Emo boy probably got tired of trying to kill him self he killed someone else” Some guy I didnt know said high fiving George. I stood up slowly.

“Oh look, He thinks he’s going to hurt us!” he mocked. I walked up to George and punched his face make him fall to the ground holding his nose. “Dude, Calm down we’re joking”

“I’m not laughing.” I glared. “That’s because you can’t take a joke!” He complained. I rolled my eyes. “Don’t make me hurt you.” He glared. “You couldn’t hurt a fly, Mr. Mother nature.” I snapped.

He was just about to punch me, and right then, The bell sounded. Sending more students into the room. “The park after school, be there.” George winced still holding his bleeding nose. I rolled my eyes and sat back down.

The class, surprisingly, went by quickly. I’m not sure if it was a good thing or a bad thing.

I stood at my locker fiddling with the band posters I had in there. Daniela walked to her locker. I closed mine and went to her.

“What did I do wrong, your Hines?” I scoffed. She sighed. “You didn’t do anything.. Well you did, You just don’t know why.. Never mind.” She retreated. Sticking her books into her locker. “Well, If I did nothing wrong, Why am I getting the cold shoulder?” I asked.

“Cause... cause you are!” She said slamming her locker shut and walking away, What the heck is her problem?! I’m trying to live my freaking life, but somehow I can’t just let her walk away. Yet. I have to. I sighed and walked to the next class.

Another class meant another hour closer to being killed. I mean, it’s 5 against 1. It’s not exactly fair, what choice do I have?

My last class went by, quickly. A little to quickly for my liking, but I’d never admit that outside of my own head.

I took a deep breath, stepping outside of the school. I was going to regret doing this. I walked slowly to the park, listening to my iPod. “Hey, he decided to show up.” George said, his voice now nasal. I took out one of my earbuds. “I could say the same for you.” I said.

“You’re a real wimp.” George suddenly said. I rolled my eyes. “Oh, I’m the wimp? Here I am standing here ready to fight, but you had to bring along your friends to fight off one person.” I said bringing my eyes to the sky, so it looked like I was thinking. I started walking to the left. So did they.

“We didn’t say you couldn’t have your friends, oh wait. You don’t have any.” His friend smirked. “Wow. That is what a real man says.” I said looking at them. Suddenly, George came forward. Let the fights begin. I thought to myself as I was punched in the face.

Author's note:

Again, More writers block from me. I promise my next chapter will be longer. I've had really bad writers block.


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