Troubled Love

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Third POV

Leaves crunched under Jeff's feet as he wandered through the forest ."Jeff~" ben hummed as he followed Jeff "What." Jeff groaned as he stopped to stare at Ben "What ya doing~" Ben Smirked as he jumped on Jeff's back "Gah! What the hell?!" Jeff yelled as he fell to the ground "Hehe~ Jeffy I'm bored~" Ben pinned Jeff to the ground (using magic) "w-what the hell!" Jeff stuttered in embarrassment. "But Jeffy I wanna have some fun~ben said as he smirked."Hell no if you do that I will stab you in the face." ~ Jeff said while getting up."Pleaseeee Jeffy I wanna have some fun."~ Ben groaned while grabbing Jeffs arm."Let me go or I'll kill you."~ said Jeff while pulling out of his grip. Ben followed Jeff as they walked to the mansion "Jeffy~ wanna play games~" Ben waited for Jeff to respond "No." Jeff said in a pissy tone "Rude!" Ben pouted as he ran into the mansion

*A FEW HOURS LATER* (sorry if we made Ben a bitch boi also *cough*Jeff is an angry bottom *cough*-crediblebeet455)

Jeff walked into the living room to find none other than Ben playing games, he wasn't surprised "Jeffy, play games with me" Ben said outta the blue "uh...why?" Jeff asked, "Why not?" Ben turned his head to look at Jeff "Fine" Jeff groaned as he plopped down on the floor and grabbed a controller "What are we gonna play?" Jeff asked "Mmm MINECRAFT" Ben yelled "Okay!" Jeff grinned. After ten minutes of playing minecraft, Ben asked "Wanna play a game?~"."Sure?" Jeff was confused. Ben ran into the kitchen and came out with a box that read 'Pocky' "What's that?"Jeff asked "Pocky!". Ben sat down in front of Jeff, he placed a pocky in his mouth and told Jeff to put the other side in his mouth. They both slowly started biting the pocky till there was a bit left "O-okay B-ben" Jeff mumbled as he was taking the pocky out of his mouth but before he could get up and leave Ben pulled him into a kiss "What t-the hell!" Jeff slightly yelled as his face turned a shade of pink. Ben smirked as he pulled jeff into another kiss, this time jeff returned the kiss, Ben broke the kiss and smiled "I love you jeffy~"."i-i love you too" Jeff mumbled. And they lived happily ever after. (As a couple)


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