The New Beginning We Must Stop!! Chapter 3

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I woke breathing hard and realized that there were to mermaids that appered to be nurses on either side of me with some sort of shell and sponge. I looked ahead of me and saw Blake sitting on the window sill watching me intently. I began to put the pieces to the puzzle together and realized that I must have scared them enough to use their herbs to wake me up. "I'm sorry. I am fine now."

"You sure?" The mermaid who spoke had purple hair and a black fin with white tail, she had a soft hispanic accent. I nodded and the mermaids left leaving me alone with Blake.

"What happened?" I asked as Blake swam over to sit on the side of the shell of my bed. Blake messed with the scales of his tale before talking.

"You were just not right when I came into the room to wake you up for preperations so I called the nurses. The King and Queen will be here shortly to check on you, but are you sure ohk?" Blake turend to face me and leaned in making me lean back. Blake shook his head and smiled, "you humans are weird. I was going to check your temperature."

I looked at him supisous and tilted my head, "how do you do that?"

Blake moved his arm grabbing my wrist tightly almost making me gasp when he grabbed a scale on my tail and yanked it off. He let go of my wrist to examin the scale there was alittle bit of deep purple on it which he smeared onto a piece of seaweed it seemed. The piece of seaweed slowly began to turn purple that was a lighter shade than my tail, but not much lighter. Blake nodded then looked back at me, "sorry I had to do that to take your temperature-" He stopped for a second to watch the rulers come into the room. Blake and I nodded in their direction and Blake went back to explaining, "so basically if I didn't grab your wrist so hard you would be sore still. Yanking a scale is not pleasent, imagine ripping a chunk of hair out at once. The first time is the worst."

"Oh..." I drifted thinking how painful it would have been and I am glad that he did that. I turned to the King and Queen who were sitting on the other bed in my room paciently. "Sorry I wasn't able to help with perperations."

"It is fine! This happens most of the time. Humans or other beings who change into a merperson tend to have terrifing dreams the first few nights. I am glad you are healthy though your body seems a bit week which again is normal so just relax. Your companions are now allowed to have their own rooms and we found the other two in your group. The young boy who was ill you called Kendal is doing fine but we will be keeping an eye on him, so we thought it would be best to have him with you."

My eyes light up hearing Kendal's name making me all happy inside and somewhat filled this empty hole inside my chest. As if on que there came in Kendal with strange seaweed around his throat and wrists. He still had the same color hair but his tail was blueish gray like his eyes and his tail's fin was long that had little tears on the end and his hair was now back to its blonde color. I smiled seeing him and he did the same. Kendal turned to our hosts and bowed before he went to sit on my bed after Blake stood up. "How do you feel Kendall?"

"Much better thank you Your Highness." Kendall said with a smile hugging me then whispered, "I am the happiest man in the world right now." I smirked at his comment and shook my head and just held onto him not wanting him to slip away again.

"Well we will leave you two alone to talk alright?"

"Yes thank you sir," I said watching the King, Queen and Blake who was smiling leave my room. "Are you ohk?"

Kendall leaned back looking at my face and smiled, "I am now!"

"What are these?" I touched the seaweed and felt a tingle go down my hand making me withdraw my hand.

Kendall looked at his wrist then began to mess with them, "they're here to help the drug from activating. I shouldn't have told them everything about us but I was delirious and desperate, I didn't want you to go through this without me. I mean mainly on family terms, yeah you have Rea but you can't talk to Rea like you do to me is my point. Anyway that is why everyone else was in that cell instead of their own room, they wanted to check to see if everyone was stable." Kendall looked back up at me with a curious gaze, "who was that guy sitting on the bed with you? He seemed familiar."

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