Vampire lies.

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Every story usually ends happy. This one didn't ...

Hi, my names stella. Yeah stella i know you probably find it funny, so do i sometimes, but i'm sure my real mum didn't name me this. She probably named me something like "charlotte or leah". Well yeah, want to know another thing? i'm a vampire. No i'm not being sarcastic or funny. But i was raised by a family of vampires, even though its hard to believe, i am totally different, not a blood sucking freak like they are. Sorry. I know your probably thinking freak, but i'll tell you all about it, it will all make sense, just keep reading.

It all started on christmas day, 15 years ago. I was a young, cute and normal if i'm totally honest. My mum gave birth to me on the streets, she was only 17 and her boyfriend had basically just took advantage and she ended up homeless with no family. It was very dramatic that day. She was kicked out of her home and in labour with me.I was born around 10pm i was told. What happened was she gave birth, alone down a dark cold alleyway and died during childbirth. I remember her last words "i'll be back" and her gental finger across my face. After that she was gone. Christmas day, a young baby, dead mother alone in a alleyway. My eyes were wet and my fragile skin was cold, all's i remember was a kind old face walking towards me and i was picked up in her warm arms, glancing back at my mum, she was gone. Vanished and the weird thing about it, i knew. I knew she was gone. And i saw a pair of eyes watching me, following me, into the kind womans home.

Waking up in the night, i was silenced by my upmost fears, red eyes watching me and no it wasn't the woman that took me in. This thing had a pale face with deep red eyes, it slowly moved towards me, yet i wasn't afraid. There was a connection, i drifted asleep, with the eyes watching me, there was something about them i felt safe, safer than i had been, and the weird thing was, i knew this thing. I knew.

Early morning, i woke up in a huge dark room, not the room i fell asleep in last night. This room felt comforting and safe. The silk red curtains reminded me of the bottle i had last night, the deep red substance tasting heavenly, not like that condensed milk, more like a roast dinner, whatever it was, it was good. Very good indeed. The door creaked, i knew somebody was there or should i say something. Whatever it was it was with me the whole night, i remembered the cold-blooded hands touching me, they felt like silk and made me feel like i was loved. The room however also had a connection, it looked like it was made for a baby, it looked like a nursery, with little fury spider toys and a pram with tyres for wheels. The cradle i was in had a familier scent. The blanket that kept me warm wasn't the cheep cotton stuff, but was a velvet soft blanket with the name "stella" ingraded in it. like i said before, it was weird, very weird, it was like i belonged here, like this was my home, my family ...

Sitting there, my eyes begain to flood up again, oh know. I needed changing, my cries started getting louder and louder. All of a sudden i was silent, i tryed to speak, i couldn't, there a woman stood, she appeared out of know where. Her pale face and red eyes caught my attention. her long black straight hair fell on her shoulders, i knew her, i knew. She walked up to me, and slowly whispered smoothing words in my ears. Gently she changed me and again fed me. This was how i started to realise, she was different.

When i was about 6 years old i was told that they were Vampires though i caught on earlier as the loved eating raw red meat and drinking blood, there was Ratja - weird name i know but he was my adopted dad, Leearah - my adopted mum and my sister Janica and my brother Mark. I went to a local school called st.Evens, nobody ever knew what family i was from or that i was part Vampire unfortunatly. Although i was adopted, i got everything i wanted from ugg's to Ghd's and not to mention my blackberry. I was very spoilt and had everything i wanted, but still i asked for more. I had died my brown hair bright blonde and my fake tan looked great if i'm honest. My slim figure attracted the boys and of course i was very popular, sometimes i wondered if Mark (my brother) liked me, i knew it was wrong but still i did love being the center of attention.

Noticed how i'm talking i the past tense? Well yeah, like everygirls dreams, it all come's to an end one day. It all started when i was walking to school with my brother Mark, like i did everyday, but he stopped me and said to me " Stella, you" Oh course i went bright red and told him not to be daft but he didn't listen, he wrapped his arms around me. I tryed to pull away but i couldn't, slowly his red lips touched mine. It was Grosse i know but i didn't do anything, i simply let him kiss me. Oh course i didn't think about Joe and how he was going to react but nobody was going to tell him right? and besides it was only a kiss. Wrong. As i looked around ryan and George were there. Crap! i shouted and i ran away leaving Mark stood there.

It was weird kissing a vampirebut thekiss tasted great! ok ok, i won't go into details but that was my first time. Anyway, 1 hour later everybody knew, Mark hadn't arrived at school and strangely neither had Joe. I didn't really think about Mark being a Vampire and doing something stupid at the time, i was more intrested in my make-up, i know howdaft i was, i did mention i was spoilt though. Later on i recieved a text on my blackberry it was from Joe. It read " Babe, your brother, he's doing something weird, he's got a knife and ..., come here quick please xoxoxo" I don't think Joe knew about what Vampires do with knives and people but i knew i had to get there quick...

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