9.5- fight me first

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That night, Tyler went to work. I'd like to say it was because he trusted me but I knew it wasn't. Since the whole phone thing, it seemed like he couldn't get far enough away.

Not having any better way to entertain myself, I broke into his beer stash and popped in a movie. Nothing like a chick flick about bridesmaids to keep you laughing.

After the movie was over, and three beers down, I glanced at the clock. Ten. The bar was open till one, which meant I had at least three more hours to kill. From there, my gaze traveled to the door. He bolted it, of course, and fastened the chain. Even more crafty, he put a device on the top of it that I knew would alert him if the door opened.

At first, I had just ignored it. Let him have his stupid device, I thought. As long as he doesn't tie me up I don't care what he does.

But then, slightly buzzed and bored, I got to examining it.

Thanks to a military mother, I had some experience with electronics. This one, though, was new to me. It was smaller than a quarter and had a little green light that I assumed would turn red if I messed it up or opened the door. Standing on a chair with tweezers in one hand and a beer in the other, I tried to see if I could disarm it.

As I was inches away from pulling out a wire, I quickly realized that tampering with the device would just piss Tyler off and prompt him to tie me up again. Sighing, I reluctantly put the tweezers down and tried to entertain myself some other way.

It was in that moment that I finally realized how big of an opportunity this was. Alone in Tyler's apartment and I was wasting it by drinking? No sir.

The first place I investigated was his bedroom. I popped open every drawer and carefully looked underneath all of his clothes before shutting them again. On top of the dresser, he had some deodorant and change. The only decorative thing I could find was a picture frame, so I picked it up and examined the faces.

There were six of them, two parents and four children. I found Tyler's face pretty quickly. He was standing in the back row with his parents and there were two twin sisters and a young brother standing in front. They were all dressed in nice clothes, though they weren't tacky enough to match. I couldn't tell how old the picture was but they all looked pretty happy.

Then I looked at the laptop. How hard would it be to guess the password, I wondered. It definitely wouldn't be something dumb. Maybe it wasn't even something connected to him. He was probably smart enough to just use random words and numbers, something that couldn't be cracked.

I was tempted to try. Believe me, I was. But it just felt wrong.

Giving up on my snooping, I grabbed another beer from the fridge and continued to drink the night away.

When Tyler finally came home, it was past midnight. I was on the couch when he stepped through the door. I watched as he disabled the alarm from his phone, turning the light from green to yellow. Then he looked at me. Then at the six empty bottles on the coffee table.

"You have a good night?" Tyler asked. He stepped out of his nonslip shoes and hung his jacket on a hook by the door before walking to the kitchen to get something to eat.

"Oh yeah, the best. Care to join?"

"No, thanks."

"Why not?"

He ignored me. Pulling a frozen meal out of the fridge, he popped it into the microwave and waited.

Having been left alone for hours, I got up to join him.

"What do you do for fun, Tyler?" I grabbed another beer and handed it to him. He hesitated before eventually popping it open.

"Lots of stuff."

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