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hy my dear,pyara,dulara,cute
readers...thank u for showering ur all love to my
previous stories..i am a new
new writer and getting this much love from all my readers is really the biggest
thing for u all...
now i am back to u again with
a college love story..its gonna
be little different..avni will be
a silent yet angry,shy girl and she loves playing games..whereas neil khanna will be the most famous,rich
and handsome boy in the city....dd,vidyut,ali and neil
are four bff and are very famous in the city like celebreties due to their kindness and also due to their
friendship bond...

so what will happen when neil will fall for a shy avni??
it will be a love at first sight for neil...
but avni will be in confusion...

awaited reactions..
love u all...

love u all

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