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"You," the King spat out vehemently, pointing at Taehyung with an accusing finger as the servant entered Jennie's bedroom, planning to commence his usual activities of preparing her room and clothes before she fell asleep.

Taehyung stared at him in fear, sensing the demeanour of sheer anger which was radiating from his large frame. Hoseok and Jennie stood behind him, although their facial expressions were rather different from each other. Hoseok looked remorseful while the Princess only looked enraged, her eyes resembling narrow slits as she glared at her servant in rage.

"How dare you shame us all?" the King spat out, taking a few strides towards the boy, who only backtracked in pure fear, his heart racing.

King Kim looked enraged. His face had turned into a sickly red as he radiated absolute fury. This only caused Taehyung to shrivel up in nervousness as he pressed his back against bedroom door, attempting to get as far away from the King as he could.

"I-I don't know what I did.." the blue-haired male stuttered out softly, masking his trembling hands by clutching onto the hem of his brown clothes. Hoseok seemed to notice this, however, resulting in the Prince stepping in between his father and the servant.

"That's enough," he said firmly, shooting Taehyung over a sympathetic glance. "Father, I don't think he understood what he did. He couldn't exactly refuse Jung-" Hoseok began, before he was cut off abruptly due to the King shoving his son towards the side, his hand raised up to silence him.

"That's enough, Hoseok. I won't hear it," he breathed out, his voice shaking with anger. "He humiliated us at the ball, meant to honour the Prince's marriage with Jennie."

Taehyung visibly gulped, swallowing thickly. His entire body filled up with fear at the sight of the King, who pierced daggers into the boy. He didn't even think of the consequences which would be brought upon him after choosing to dance with Jungkook.

How could he be so stupid?

"Sir.. I promise you it was nothing," he whispered fearfully, his eyes darting between the Princess and her father. "I'm sure he only wanted to get to know me because of Miss Jennie's sake."

Evidently, the King didn't buy anything Taehyung said. In fact, his face had only grown a darker shade of purple-red as he witnessed the servant boy attempting to make excuses up for himself, hence why the elder man paced over towards him, striking Taehyung across the face.

The sound of the sharp slap echoed around the room, causing Hoseok to spring in front of Taehyung, shielding him from his father. "That's enough. Taehyung, go," he urged, glancing back at the boy.

Meanwhile, Taehyung had his mouth hung open in absolute fear, finding himself unable to move. His entire body jolted towards the right as the King struck him, causing him to collapse onto the floor whilst his entire body curled up in terror.

"Taehyung, move," Hoseok repeated again, this time slightly louder. He knew his Father was extremely livid at this point, meaning he couldn't hold him off much longer.

Taehyung scrambled up to his feet, his vision blurred due to the tears which had began to form in his widened eyes. He retreated away from the King, Hoseok and Jennie, quickly running down the hallway as far away from the bedroom as he could manage.

The servant choked back sobs as his stray tears cascaded down his flushed cheeks, unable to process the previous events clearly through his head. He was used to being pushed over by the royal family, however this was different.

He'd never been slapped before.

He'd never felt that terrified of someone either. The stinging feeling on his cheek refused to die down as the boy strode through the hallways of the palace, barely knowing where he was heading to. All he could feel in that moment was regret, pain and helplessness.

How could he be so foolish enough to accept the dance with Jungkook? He should've known he'd buried himself into a pile of trouble the second he witnessed Jennie's piercing stare protruding them from across the ballroom as the two naively moved their bodies in sync to the rhythm of the music.

Taehyung finally found himself at the gates of the palace gardens, overlooking the endless fields which seemed to travel on forever. The gardens were decorated with marble arches, flowers of an array of colours and springs which released sprays of water every few seconds.

The beauty of the gardens took the boy's mind off the pain for a few seconds, only before he was brought to reality a few moments later. Realising there was absolutely no one around him, Taehyung didn't hesitate to finally emit a suppressed sob as he sat down on the steps leading towards the fields, curled up. He brushed his fingers across his cheek, wincing slightly after receiving a sharp pain in return.

Taehyung felt hopeless.

He hadn't regretted the dance up until this second. The feeling of contentment he'd experienced whilst spending time with the Prince had by far been the best moment of his entire life, however it was only now he was realising it was short-lived.

Reality was that he wasn't a royal. He was a servant. He didn't get to have priorities and benefits people of a higher social class had and he needed to accept that.

Taehyung wouldn't ever be what Jennie was, which is why the boy knew he had to let go of his childish crush towards the Prince of South Korea.

A/n: lmao why did I actually HATE writing this. poor tae

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