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Charlie's POV

Ellie nearly falls asleep in my arms. I feel bad for not letting her slip into sub-space, but I can't comfort her tomorrow when she fully slips out because I'll be on a plane to my work trip.

I know I had to leave her with Ryan that one time, but I don't want to make a habit or Ryan being the one to help her recover in the morning.

Ellie is my sub and it's my responsibility to be there for her. I can't let her slip into sub-space without being able to make arrangements to be there when she wakes up.

Because I clearly can't be there for her tomorrow when she wakes up, I can't let her slip into sub-space, even if that means stopping a scene early.

She is obviously tired enough though. She's nearly asleep an we just stopped. I forget how tiring a orgasm can be after it's been withheld from a sub.

I wish I had the foresight to remember that before going with that route for play, but she seemed to enjoy herself enough in the end when she was withering in pleasure.

It may seem cruel to make her beg like I do, but I know the longer I deny her orgasm, the better it will be for her. And I most certainly wanted to give her an orgasm she would remember for the week.

I quietly pack my stuff for tomorrow as Ellie starts to fall asleep. She tries to cling to me, but I hush her and gently slide her from my chest.

"Baby, I'm going to carry you to the car, alright?" I ask Ellie, knowing she's half asleep. My flight tomorrow is early, but I don't regret doing a scene with her instead of sleeping.

Ellie will be too tired though to get up early with me and let me drop her off at my parent's house.

A tired protest comes from her, but she can barley open her eyes lids when I scoop her up. She grumbles at me, protesting about sleeping here the whole way. I take my bag with me, knowing she'll probably find some way to make me stay with her tonight even though it would be better if I didn't.

I put her inside the car anyway, making sure I have her bear with us so it's not stuck in our dorm room all week.

"Stay.... not tired.... sleep". She gets out, so tired she isn't even speaking in full sentences. I smile at her adorableness and lock the car doors so she doesn't do anything stupid her her tired delirium.

She fights sleep the whole car ride and by the time we are at my parent's house, she is much more upset than when we first left.

I come around and unbuckle her, lifting her up and she fists my shirt, clinging to me tightly. "No". She whines, and I don't listen to her, unlocking the door and taking her inside.

I carry her to her room and set her in bed, but she doesn't let go of my shirt. "Ellie. My love", I sigh, seeing her tear stricken face. "Baby, it's alright. It won't be that bad". I promise her.

"Mine", she sniffles out, hands attacked to my shirt.

"Yes love, I'm all yours. I know, and I know you don't like me going away, but it won't be that bad. I'll call you every day and we can talk for as long as you'd like after I'm done with my work thing. I'll make sure to give you a big reward for being a good girl at the end", I promise her.

"I don't want you to go", she says tiredly, dragging herself over so her heads in my lap.

"I know you don't, baby, but this is good for us remember?" I ask her. I know she's just tired and sad, but she's making me feel guilty for something I shouldn't. It's a work trip I can't take her with me. It's expensive and impractical. What will she do all day if I take her? She won't be able to sit through the seminars and stuff.

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