Chapter 28. Making Her Peace.

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Belle's POV

"I am doing this for the sake of my babies. Nikolai, Alexei and the Russian Mafia are not my concern anymore." I turned my back on him because I know in my heart that Yuri is right. Nikolai and Alexei have the right to know.

"The babies are the Russian Mafia. They are Volkov's flesh and blood." He retorted.

"Before anything and anyone else, they are my babies too! I am their mother! I have to protect them even if that means keeping them away from their own father. I bled and almost lost my babies right in front of your Bosses, Yuri! Why can't you understand that!" I'm already clenching my palm in anger. I wanted to scream at his face for thinking about the Russian Mafia when the lives of my babies are at stake.

"I'm sorry, Belle. You have all the right to feel this way. All I'm asking from you now is to at least consider it. You and the Boss never had the chance to talk after what happened. You are married to the both of them. Running away from them, from your marriage will not solve anything."

"Running away from them will save my babies."

"Running away from the Bosses will put you and the babies in far more danger. I told you that the Mafia is imploding. That is the truth. Nikolai and Alexei will self-destruct and along with it, the Volkov Mafia. And when that happens, who do you think our enemies from both outside and inside the Russian community will target?"

I turned my back on him because I somehow know what Yuri is trying to imply. He held my arm and made me face him, "Belle, the only way they can eliminate the Volkov Mafia and take over everything is to get rid of everyone down the Volkov bloodline. Our enemies will hunt the twins down because the Russian Mafia operates that way. Succession to the leadership is by blood. Unless someone will take charge in the meantime until the babies will come of age to take over. Until then, it will be a total chaos if anything happens to the Bosses. It will be a hunting spree for the take over and control of everything the Mafia holds. And the conglomerate can't even save us when the time comes."

"My father will protect me and my babies..."

"Your father is a sickly man Belle. We both know that his heart condition hasn't gotten better."

I feel like every time Yuri reasons out, my back is slowly pushed against the wall like there is nowhere out for me but in the Mafia. He makes it appear like I don't have any other choice but them. This made me feel uneasy at the pit of my stomach. Perhaps because I know that Yuri is just telling the truth and setting out all the possibilities if anything happens to Nikolai and Alexei.

No matter, I can't let them know about the babies. Because if that happens, what's left of my little chance of breaking free from them will disappear into thin air. I know Nikolai will move heaven and earth just to get me and the babies if he finds out.

So, I stepped towards the door and made sure that Yuri is not able to leave and tell his Bosses that I am still pregnant. I dialed my phone and called Devon.

"Don't do this Belle." Said Yuri, his shoulders fell as he hears Devon knock a few seconds later.

When I opened the door, Devon and Papa's men barged into the room and made Yuri kneel on the floor. The man looked unfazed by Devon, instead disappointment and defeat is painted all over his face. I could not stand looking at him like this so I had to look away as he is being restrained by our security. His eyes never disconnected from me until he was brought out of the room with handcuffs around his wrists.


My eyes swelled with tears as I was not able to contain the pain in my heart anymore. I feel like the memories of the betrayal, the heartbreak and the lies that I went through because of my relationship with Nikolai and Alexei came pouring in like a flood of emotion.

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