Chapter Eight: Unknown

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Simon's POV
I woke up from the bed with a pain in my head. It felt like someone punched through my skull over and over again, trying to break free. I shot my eyes open with a panic look on my face. I saw Dean and Abigail, but Violet wasn't present.

I scanned through the room but she wasn't to be found. "Violet, where is Violet?" I questioned, they looked at me and Dean spoke "She's at another patients room. She's recovering." Dean said calmly. The calmness in his voice made me lean back.

"A nurse— she's— just..." i sigh and gave up. My memory was a blur, the only thing I remembered was the unknown woman smirking down at me and those last final words before i blacked out. "You looked troubled there Simon. Perhaps we won't question you then." Abigail intervened my thoughts.

I looked back at them and gave them a quizzical expression, "What? You didn't know? You should check the came—" i was cut off my Dean stepping forward with a sigh. "Of course we did. We aren't dumb, Simon," he stopped and rolled his eyes, "Sadly, the footage was somehow gone. The only evidence we have that someone actually did caused a riot is your sister and the bloodied up furnishings." Dean finished.

I got up from the bed and sat down, my bones cracking up and wanting to be active. "So? Have you found out who that nurse is?" I asked. Abigail put her fingers to her chin, she looked puzzled like something was disturbing her thoughts.

I took notice of her and stared right at her. "What is it?" I asked. Dean and Abigail both exchanged looks as they both looked back at me, clearly distraught by the look on their face which made me alarmed.

"What? What is it? Tell me." I insisted, i began to rise out of the bed but Dean walked forward and settled me back to the bed. "Blood..." Dean murmur as he wandered his eyes somewhere else, "The blood of whatever Violet fought wasn't human." Dean finally stated and came back to contact with my own pair of eyes.

My mouth was gape wide open. "What? Is this some kind of joke? What the hell do you mean by that?" I growled, not amused by whatever trickery this was. "Their blood wasn't ordinary Simon. It was darker than regular blood, but it was still blood. Whatever Violet fought still has humanity in it." Abigail explained.

I slam my arms to the sheets of the bed and growl, "What the hell? Let's be real here. This is reality Abigail, stop fooling around." I glared at her, "Don't speak to my mother like that, Simon." Dean intervened in as he growled back. He glared at me, telling me to stop.

I turned back to Abigail, "I want to see my sister." I demanded. Abigail nod and lead me out of the room, Dean following behind us. And to my surprise, i saw what Dean said before. The blue chairs that were for people to wait in was scattered around.

There was blood stains all over it. Then, i saw one peculiar blood that was stained on the floor and through the halls, whoever Violet fought must have ran to that direction. I walked closer to the unknown blood and knelt down. "Don't even touch it Simon." Dean warned me, "I just wanna see." I answered back without looking behind me.

I narrowed my gaze and looked closer. It was darker than blood, but it had the same stench. But something was quite off by the stench. It was mixed with the stench of blood and gas.

I moved away and stood up. I looked at them, "Found anything?" Dean raised a brow. I shook my head no, "None." I answered back. Abigail nod and we continued on walking. I took another glance at the unknown blood with suspicion and looked away.

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