25. Strange Feelings

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The correct pronunciation of the "Ashar" is "Ashr". I hope you all will like this chapter :) keep waiting for more. 


I got startled.

"Um...you were downstairs a while ago, how did you...?" I trailed off.

Since the room was dark, I couldn't see him clearly, only his angry, confused eyes twinkling in the darkness.

"So, you were watching the party from here?" He glanced at the balcony behind me.

"No, I was just...." I was out of excuses.

He stepped inside the room. His face was now clearly visible to me as he got closed to me.

"You were supposed to stay inside your room today and you're roaming around carelessly." He grumbled.

"So, what? Do you want to lock me in a room?" I retorted a question.

"Don't make me."

"Really, Ashar? It's been a while you've kept me here, you should've known at least that much by now that I'm harmless." I exasperated.

He looked clean and fresh. I felt inferior in his presence because I was in my sleepwear; half-sleeved, light pink, printed short shirt and a matching pajama. My hair were loosely tied into a ponytail. I deliberately moved my hand on my head to settle down the baby hair that were probably sticking out on the top of my head.

He observed my action closely. I immediately put my hand down and acted casual.

"No, I'm still not sure." He responded.

"Fine. Think whatever you want to. I'm getting out of here." I snapped.

I was in no mood to argue with him.

I walked past him and about to step out from the room when he grabbed my arm, pulled me around and pinned me to a wall, just beside the room's door.

A low scream escaped my lips, but he blocked it instantly by putting his large palm on my mouth. My eyes widened and I began squirming to let go of him.

He shot me a glare and tightened his hold me.

"Stop it. Stay still." He mouthed.

His hand on my mouth began suffocating me. I shook my head several times to give him a hint that I couldn't breathe. He ignored me, held my arm and trying to look outside the room as if he was searching for someone.

The heat radiating from his body gave me goosebumps.

I used my strength and pulled my arm from his grip and then, removed his hand from my mouth.

Finally, some fresh air went through my nostrils. I used my full chest to exhale all the air that was blocked by him.

He let out a hiss.

I glowered at him in response, "Are you trying to suffocate me to death?"

"Sshh... Stay quite. Someone is outside the room." He shushed me.

My eyebrows raised.

He nodded at my reaction, confirming my doubt.

"Are you really here to search for a restroom?" I heard a male voice just outside the room.

"No. I lied." Another man replied, "I'm trying to get some spicy news story."

I saw Ashar's jaw clenched as he heard him.

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