Born Immortal Chapter 17

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Astyr was getting ready for the Homecoming dance at Gwen's house Friday afternoon. The game had been played in the early afternoon and the Vikings had won by a very slim margin; Hakon was good but without Gunnar to catch his passes it was hard to carry the team to victory. He had been forced to run the ball himself twice to keep the team ahead but the spectators had loved every minute of it.

Gwen was almost glowing with pride that her date was the undisputed most popular boy in school at the moment. Gwen was even being nice to Astyr; despite the fact that Astyr rode home with Hakon every afternoon, it was common knowledge that Astyr was very involved with Randy. He had started taking his helmet off when dropping her off to give her a kiss and since he stopped by the student parking lot, they were seen by a large number of the students.

Even Hakon had seen them kissing. He wasn't thrilled about it but when he had tried to bring it up on the way home Monday afternoon, Astyr had politely reminded him that it wasn't his business; Hakon was her friend and he should be happy for her. He politely reminded her that it was his job to look out for her and that as her friend; he would be there for her when the human let her down. She rolled her eyes and thanked him for the support. Their relationship had been a little strained the rest of the week. Hakon seemed to be trying to keep her in his sights at all times and Astyr was feeling annoyed at his lack of faith in her judgment.

When Hakon arrived at Gwen's house to pick them up, he was obliged to come in and have pictures taken with Gwen by her parents. Gwen was beaming in a strapless red dress that fit snugly until it flared out to swirl just above her knees. Her shoulder-length light brown hair was piled up on top of her head and she had a shiny red clip pinned in it for decoration. She checked her lipstick in the mirror before every shot and clung tightly to Hakon's arm while he kept a forced smile plastered on his face. Astyr had to cover her mouth to keep from laughing out loud as she stayed safely off to the side during the photo session.

Astyr was also wearing a short strapless dress but it was in a soft pale blue color that brought out the blue in her silvery-blue eyes. It was cut in an empire waistline and there was a layer of chiffon over the soft silk that made the dress seem to float over her body. Where the waistline was cinched in was a band of light blue crystals and she had on a pair of long crystal earrings that matched. Instead of piling her hair up like the rest of the girls on the cheer squad were doing, she had opted to pull her pale blonde hair back into a sleek low pony-tail that wouldn't get in the way when she put her helmet on to go home with Randy later. She wasn't wearing as much make-up as Gwen; she had added only a sweep of shimmer over her eye lids and slick of pink lip gloss because she really didn't need much.

When Gwen's parents finally let them go, Hakon carried Astyr's bag out and dumped it into the trunk before coming and holding open the passenger door for the girls. Astyr climbed into the back to let Gwen have some quality time with her date and Hakon drove a little too fast making the short three block trip even shorter. Randy had promised to meet her inside so Astyr went in ahead of Hakon and Gwen. Gwen had pretended to need to fix the strap on her high-heeled shoes so that her entrance with the football captain wouldn't be spoiled by having Astyr along with them. Astyr didn't mind and was actually glad to be able to find her date without having Hakon glued to her side.

It didn't take Astyr long to spot Randy. He was leaning against the wall away from the other kids who were throwing suspicious glances his way. Most of them knew he was Astyr's boyfriend but seeing him outside on his massive motorcycle made him seem normal size. Seeing him inside standing among the high school students in the dim light of the decorated gym showed exactly how big he really was. He was wearing black pants and a black button-down shirt with a heavy black leather jacket over it and he was easily the size of two of the boys giving him wary looks.

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