Chapter 10

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I had my bag packed so I could run off right after class ended.

Where could I go to lose him?

The park?

The amusement park?

Hide in the basement of my house?

No, I would just run. I would be too predictable otherwise.

As soon as the bell rung, we greeted the teacher, and I grabbed my bag, and ran.

I sprinted down the corridors, the steps, and bound out of school compounds as fast as I could.

I clearly running at an inhumane speed as I was already at the gates when I noticed that, through the window, some of my classmates had just turned to their bags to start packing.


Even so, I could've sworn Mitsuki was watching me.

I continued to run.

Left. Left. Right, maybe just turn 45 degrees and up the stairs, then jump down the second floor and run again.

I felt so free.

Exploring the world around me was a breeze.

After what felt like 10 minutes of running, I was getting tired. I slowed down along a busy street, joining the crowd, eventually finding my way to a train station which informed me that I was practically 4 towns away from where I started.

At least this was going well. I enjoyed myself, blending in with the crowd and observing yet somehow, I knew Mitsuki was getting closer. I didn't want to turn to check, knowing that would give me away.

But in all honesty, I knew I was screwed.

I could still run, but that's when I noticed 10 other scents that stood out from the normal humans.

I was being rounded up.

I had two choices. Continue trying to blend in, and eventually get caught, or run, and stand a chance of escape.

I turned away from the crowds of people, slowly strolling to an emptied area, so I had enough space to start running.

I would probably get caught by the person who I was literally running toward at the moment, but I had to try.

And somehow, I escaped.

The odd scents were being left behind me, and I still had a chance at freedom.

Well, until I felt a sharp pain in my back, and the world began to spin. From the pavement, I was flung with immense force into the nearby building, and I could've sworn my spine had broken. I pried myself from the concrete of the building, only to flop onto the roadside.


Was that dark red liquid from my mouth... blood?

"[Y/N]! "

Whatever I had been struck with was removed, and darkness swallowed me whole.

"Don't leave me, [Y/N]!"


"...removed the poisoned cells, the rest are still replenishing on their own."

"She'll be fine?"

"Yes- she's awake now."

I could hear, but I couldn't feel, I couldn't see.

It seemed as if there was something over my nose and mouth aiding in my respiration, but prevented me from talking and weakened my sense of smell.

Still, that one scent was too familiar to be deemed unrecognizable. That voice had been invading my headspace right before I knocked out.

"[Y/N], can you hear me? Can you see me?"

A younger female's voice spoke out.

"I'm afraid her sight is currently still recovering, but she can hear you. Her ears are still twitching, after all."

I felt familiar fingers wrap around my arm.

"I'm sorry I couldn't save you in time. I'll make sure the perpetrators are thoroughly dealt with."

With that, I felt his fingers slip away, and all that remained was the freezing cold metal of a bed frame.

Over the day, perhaps 2 hours, I slowly recovered my sight, and had somehow convinced the doctor (who had very beautiful phoenix feathers behind her ears and a scarlet plumage for a tail) that I could breath without that mask.

Well, I had completely recovered, but simultaneously caught onto a fever.

I saw that I was clearly being put under strong security, considering even Mahiro, Takemasa, Junji and Hiyori weren't allowed in. In fact, there were only 3 people who seemed to be able to enter the room- two doctors and Mitsuki.

Later, in the evening, 6.23pm, the red fox himself came to visit once more.

"Has everything been comfortable?"

"Well, yes, other than that I don't seem to be allowed visitors who I'd rather see?"

"For your safety."

"Earlier on you mentioned 'dealing with' the perpetrators? What happened?"

He took in a deep breath, before replying.

"As a duo-wielder, you are respected and admired by many, but simultaneously, since duo-wielders tend to be extremely powerful, even disaster-causing if they aren't under control, there are several people who hunt or assassinate them. That's why I wanted you to stay. "

Only now I knew the dangers. And yet, I still wanted to be as far away from this place as I could.

"So what," I spat, "I have to be your little doll in a dollhouse? I'm not going to just play along to your wishes and forget mine."

Mitsuki winced a little, but maintained his authoritative stance. He handed me a newspaper I recognized to be from the surface.

The blaring headlines hit me right away.
'Girl dies of supernatural causes, police and medics appalled. '

I read on.

'A student was found dead at 1.30pm, along the roadside. Spine had been broken, ribcage fractured, and lungs punctured. The building beside it shows signs that the poor girl had been thrown into it with superhuman strength. Her school refuses to give any comment, and her only remaining relatives, her brother and mother, were the only people found at the hospital weeping over the poor girl's body.

We pray that she will rest in peace.'

I crumpled the newspaper into a ball, throwing it onto the ground before reading any further.

"[Y/N], just listen to me."

"What the hell is wrong with you? "


"I'm going to go back up there and prove the news wrong, say I was framed-"

"[Y/N], listen-"

"And I'm going to continue living my ordinary life up there. Accompany my brother till old and die as a normal human being."

"[Y/N]. You can't live that kind of life anymore-"

"I can, and I will."

I glared daggers at him, and he looked down at me with pity.

"Will we have to sedate her? The anger may only worsen the fever." The younger lady asked.

"There will be no need for that." Mitsuki replied.

"I'm not going to stay here, are you so confident that you can trap me down here?"

"I am not confident- but you'll find it hard enough to try and escape. Good night, [Y/N]."

What did he mean by that?

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