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• unknown's POV •

"Antonio Fernandez, tell me what is about you that stops me from forgetting about you" I asked myself looking at the huge portrait of him I had in my room.

I chuckled as I took a sip of the wine in my hand.

"What is it about that Isabel that you love so much. I'm better than her in everything but you still chose her" I could still remember the humiliation I had to experience all because of Isabel.

They were living happily while I was still in pain and I didn't like that at all. That bitch Isabel stole my place in Antonio's heart.

Antonio was rightfully mine and I was not ready to share him with anyone. She had no right to steal him from me,no one could make Antonio happy other than me.

The doors burst open reviling one of my men. He was panting looking pale as if he had seen the devil himself.

"You have a lot of guts badging in here like that, make sure its important"I commented and noticed him carrying a black envelope.

" ma'am a letter came for you"he shuttered.

'Why is he so shaken'

"It's probably the confirmation on my new contract from the modeling agency"I calmly replied shrugging it off.

" no ma'am it's not from the agency, it's from the truant "he blurted out making my eyes widen. My heart beat doubled.

" wh-why did the truant send that "I was puzzled by it.

" his men dropped by and said he agreed to meet with you "he muttered and a smile crept up my face.

" leave me"I boomed snatching the envelope.

He practically ran out of the room.

I quickly opened the envelope and smiled at the letter I found inside.

I'm giving you one chance to meet up with me so little girl make sure you don't waste my time.

Meet me at my office,immediately after receiving this letter.

Black lion...

I closed the letter then turned to Antonio's portrait.

"Antonio Fernandez it's time for pay back and I'll do it in the most painful way" I spoke aloud then left my room.

I rushed to my car then got in and headed to the black lion's work place.

When I got there, I examined the place, it looked like a normal building, it was just another really tall building.

Two men walked up to me as I approached the building.

"The black lion has been expecting you. This way ma'am"he announced. He began leading me through the building.

We stopped at a huge door,the guy who escorted me, knocked three times. I heard a deep voice respond inside.

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