Chapter 10- Shopping❤️

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After breakfast, I run up straits to grab my shoes. I grab some plain black vans and run back down to join Lydia. She smiles at me when she sees me. I smile back and dad comes up to us.
"Rose, buy anything you need OK?" He says as he gives Lydia a bank card. I nod and me and Lydia start to walk out of the house/Mansion. I step into her car and she drives off. Her car is very nice, it's a black and white range rover and it is very clean inside and outside. I love range rovers! So I ws very happy to be in one. And then in the distance, a white van was coming. But not at us, in the lane it was supposed to. But just seeing that white van brought me straight back to the accident. I can feel a tear slip down my cheek and then the car stops at a red light. Lydia looks at me and give me a sympythatic face.
"Rose, you can tell me anything you know? I know I may not be your mum, but I'm your step-mum and I'm always here to help you whenever you need it! OK?" she says as she whipes my tears. Like I did with Danny this morning. I nod.
"Thanks Lydia!" I say as I look at her. She smiles and looks at the road as the traffic lights change to green. Lydia speeds off and we reach the mall in under 7 minutes. I smile at her as I get out of the car. She comes and puts an arm around my shoulder and we go in to have a shopping spreeee!!! I get alot of clothes from primark so we go in their first. I go in and grab some leggings, hoodies and a few cropped hoddies. I also grab some jeans and crop tops. Most of the things I would usually wear and some few other things. I also go and grab a new bottle of mascara and some pj's. For pj's I usually sleep in an oversize hoddie or t-shirt and some shorts. So that's what I get. I get some hair ties and earring. While I'm picking out my hoodies, Lydia goes of somewhere. Telling me to stay here, I do what she says and when she comes back. She has an apple bag. She gives it to me and I open it up. I see a Apple Mac book. I shake my head and give it to her it back to her. She laughs
"Everyone in the family had got one, so it is only fair I give you one!" se says as she hands it back to me. I smile and give her hug to say thank you.
~1 hour later~
I'm sat here eating Taco Bell in Lydia's car. If you can't tell, tacos are my favourite and I love them! Some thing about them are so good, she laughs as I stuff my face with a bit of a taco. We also go to Starbucks and I order a small caramel frap, I love them so much and I can't live without them. We get back and walk into the house. I drop my bags and Lydia drops hers. Yes, we both had like 3 bag each. Not all mine, some are for the boys, some for Lydia and my dad. Me and Lydia laugh as we walk into the game room. The game room has two sofas, one l shaped and one 2 seater. It has a huge TV and computers. We walk in to see Emmet playing on PlayStation with Xvay. The others are sat their talking, some on computers and dad sleeping. Me and Lydia laugh when we see Dad, which makes all the boys look at us. They all turn to dad on the floor asleep. Then Emmet looses his game.... I laugh a bit and then he looks at me. He turns his head slowly and looks at me. He smirks and wlak towards me. He picks me up, throwing me over his shoulder, plops me down on the sofa and starts to tickle me. I guess they still remember how ticklish I was, I'm am very ticklish and it affects me alot. I starts laughing so much, even dad woke up! By now, all my brothers and step brothers are laughing. I sat up and ran out. Grabbed my bags and ran upstairs. I got into my room and started putting everything away, not my closet is full and my desk if filled. I have so tolietries and obviously my new Macbook. I put it on my bed and made sure it was all set up. I put a password on it and set my username.
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