Chapter 12 A Walk In The Park

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Chapter 12

A Walk In The Park

Zacks POV

After I woke up i felt stronger, more ruthless.

I quickly equipped my weapons and went to the dinning hall.

"Hey." Alexia greeted me and I nodded in response.

Azazel and Astaroth came in laughing. They soon greeted me and smirked revealing my razor sharp fangs.

"You feeling ok Zack?" Azazel asked. I shook my head no.

"better." I replied.

I jumped to my feet and started to walk to the main gate.

"Where are you going Zack?" Alexia asked in a worried tone.

"Walk." I replied.

I began to walk through the gate, but stopped. "You really going to tail me?" I asked, Azazel and Astaroth came out of hiding.

"Just testing you. But we are going with you." Astaroth replied.

"Why?" I shot back.

"Because I told them to." Father said walking in.

I said nothing more as I walked through the gate.

We reappeared at a kids park. The sun was shining brightly, little kids laughter filled the air. I smiled as I sat down on a bench and eventually Azazel and Astaroth joined me.

"Zack your not going to..." Azazel began and I shook my head no.

"I just want to enjoy their innocence. It's seems to soothe my lust for destruction." I replied and Azazel nodded and leaned back on the bench. Suddenly a football smashed into my leg.

"Excuse me sir, but can we have that?" A little girl asked and I gave her my best heart warming smile.

"Sure." I said then acted like I was going to give it to her.

"heads up." I yelled and threw it (with weak human strength) to the boys.

A older boy caught it and restarted the game.

The girl ran back to play.

I watched with a smile as the kids played.

It made me happy to see how care free kids were.

"There cute aren't they?" Jackie said as she put a arm around my shoulder and sat next to me. I shrugged off her arm and she sighed.

"I'm not going to fight you in front of those kids." I said quietly and she nodded.

"Agreed. But I'm not here to fight." She said.

"Why are you here then?" I asked

"to ask you to surrender to us." She said and I was silent.

"No." I said coldly.

"Zack please, at least this way you'll live. I'm trying to save your life." Jackie begged.

"Trying to save it?" I spat. "You said you were going kill me after admitting to killing my foster family. Now your trying to imprison me. All for what I am, which I had no control over. Try to get this through your thick skull. I will never surrender to you, nor will I let you kill me without a fight. A child does not choose to be born or his parents, and you don't scare me." I said threateningly quiet.

Jackie was silent but got up.

"I tried." She said in a aggressive voice and vanished.

"Let's go Zack." Azazel said patting my shoulder.

I rose and began walking away, But then I stopped.

"Zack?" Astaroth asked.

"Let's go play something." I said shape shifting into a normal looking 15 year old. Azazel and Astaroth followed my lead. We ran over to the kids.

"Can we play?" I asked my voice had changed as well.

"Sure. We're playing monkey in the middle." The girl said with a grin.

I was told to be the monkey first. So I did and ended up discovering these kids were amazingly talented at it. I got stuck in the middle for 20 minuets but eventually caught it. Then Azazel was in the middle and even Astaroth was enjoying himself.

After a while the kids parents called them home so we left.

We descended back to Hell

After returning to our normal forms.

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