Kuroo x reader

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You joined in the basketball club and you're one of Nekoma's best basketball player.

You're height was 177cm.

You're even very popular at school.

Tons of boys have a crush on you.

But only one caught your eye.
The one that you love so much.

He was you're seatmate.

He liked you too.

But you didn't realize it.

Everytime he tried to talk to you, you avoided him.

You're sometimes cold to him.
But he still liked you.

One day after school...

You were doing your homework and Kuroo was helping you with it.

While you were writing down some Maths equations, Kuroo was staring at you with a smile formed on his face.

He wanted to confess to you so badly.

Thanks to Kuroo you finnally understood the Maths homework.

"Thanks Kuroo."

"No probs."

You took your stuffs, put it inside your bag.

Before you could walk out of the classroom, Kuroo grabbed your hand and stared at you. He wanted to say something but he was nervous.

"What's wrong Kuroo?"

"I like you!"

You froze there didn't say anything.

"Uh... I like you too."

He widened his eyes then kissed you on the cheek and gave you a smirk.

"Looks like we're boyfriend and girlfriend now."

This part is quite short and weird but OK.

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