My Sweet Honey Bee: Prologue

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Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter could never break someone's heart. It's impossible. They're little websites that don't own the copyrights to my heart. They don't have the power to control my thoughts, enter my dreams and nightmares.Even kill me.

They could never make me laugh, cry endless tears of happiness,keep me logging in every night just so I could talk with it. They could never make me lie, and lie so much I forgot where the truth was located and what it was.

But...a person could.

This is a tale of my first love. Instead of my grandchildren hearing about my journey to love and its mishaps and what not, you will.

Let's not forget that with every first love, comes a first heartbreak. Or a second, a fifteenth, a forty-seventh...but who's counting? I used to until disappointment became a regular thing.

I was just curious, a little too curious.

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