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Keisha Deshayes.

That was one woman Dalton never thought he would ever hear about again. Even now if he closed his eyes, he could see her warm brown eyes and the wide smile on her lips he loved all those years ago. She had an alluring aura around her, making everyone feel at peace. Even he was a weak man when it came down to her. There was a time, he could've done anything for her. But then the next moment her dark abyss eyes and a mocking smirk on her lips graced him as he was forced to remember how she betrayed them.

Betrayed him.

Ironically, he was the one to see her as a Reaper for the first time.

And, he was the last one she saw before she was cast away in the limbo of lost souls.

It was a thing even Lex didn't know. After Keisha slaughtered all his clan members, some of them survived and they all vowed to take her down no matter what. Lex was still buried in the grave that time when he asked their neighbor clans for help. Some of them tried to find Keisha, even close to finding her but it was as if she disappeared off the earth. Then there was also a problem with Lex as Dalton couldn't wake him up with any spells. His soul was needed for him to wake up, which was clearly impossible to get unless they found Keisha.

That's why he traveled to almost every clan he knew. Centuries passed by and there was nothing he could do but trying to find Keisha. But then one day fate looked upon them. They got a clue that she was within Red clan's border. Some clan leaders and he reached where she was when much to his surprise, they found her near Lex's grave.

He thought things were starting to look up. But how wrong he was. He couldn't find Lex's soul with her. So, they caught and tortured her for months only to know that she destroyed Alex's soul and he was never coming back. Dalton had to feel devasted night after nights thinking he was never getting his friend back, the only person he could call his brother.

So there wasn't any reason to keep Keisha alive anymore. But still, he had a flicker of hope that maybe one day he will get to know what happened to Alex's soul. Maybe even discover a new spell to awake a dead. So, instead of killing her they cast her away in the limbo of lost souls. Trapped her in a mirror to lose her own mind over the years. He could still see the hateful, loathsome way she looked at him when he was chanting the spells. After everything was done, he recruited some warlocks and witches on his way to Greece. He left home and kept traveling until Lex returned.

When a few months ago, he could feel a dark power spreading around the earth that he went back to Tennesse. There were just too many bad memories there but what he didn't think even for a second to see Lex alive and going on a hunt to take Keisha's daughter's soul. And he certainly didn't hope that Keisha was back in the picture again.

"Dalton? Are you Ok?"

A soft voice broke him from his trance and he turned around to see Keira looking at her with a frown. Seeing her reminded him of Keisha every time but then every time he was reminded that those two were not the same. Keira was that type of person who would sacrifice everything for her loved ones and who had this unique ability to understand people. When Keisha would only destroy anything that came in her way.

He cleared his throat before assuring her. "Yeah, Keira. I'm good."

Immediately a radiant smile formed on her lips and she walked till she was standing in front of him. Sighing she opened her mouth. "So, what did you wanted to discuss?"

Gesturing her towards the spread-out map on his office desk, he started to explain. "So- this is the map of this entire town. Your mother was seen near the jungle, the Nerulia beach and last night behind the Moon territory. That means she's planning an attack and soon."

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