Chapter 17

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I heard a knock on the door. I didn't invite anybody over though which made me confused. I answered it
"Hey Milo!!" I  heard them shout. It was Ash. I actually forgot that I invited her over. Like 2 weeks ago. I smiled awkwardly and waved. 
"H-hey Ash" She smirked
"good-" There was an awkward silence before ash asked
"So wheres Kitty? How is she?" I stood there for a moment in silence
"Shes lives inside a suit"
"wh- what do you mean?" She asked
"Thats just what I mean- She lives inside a suit" 
"i'm confused-?" Ash told me
"Ugh. What the fuck do you want Milo, i'm trying to paint my nails beautiful and gold like golden freddy" She said with golden nailpolish in hand as she painted her nails somehow, "Oh hey Ash"
"Oh, i'm dead!" Kitty shouted. William walked in on this
"The hell is going on-" He looked at us all confused. I pulled a gun from my pocket
"OKAY ASH! GET PREPARED" Kitty hissed at me. Crackers walked in through the door on the other side. Kitty then possessed Crackers body and made her jump onto me. I pointed the gun at Crackers head
"Milo!!!  I said no more killing!" William shouted at me
"You say that like its a normal thing?" Ash looked at William, then he just shrugged. Kitty kept on struggling in crackers body as trying to fight me to get the gun out of my hand. I shot the gun at crackers. Crackers now lifeless body lay on top of me
"She was my favourite....;')" I muttered. Crackers now ghost form appeared
"I thought you said you weren't gonna kill me!" She shouted at me. I shrugged.
"Its what I planned at random" Kitty who stood beside Crackers looked at William
"WILLIAM! TELL YOUR BOYFRIEND TO STOP!" I was now pointing the gun at Ash with the dead body of crackers ontop of me. Ash stood there, just shocked. William ran over to me, pushing the dead body off of me and sat down around my waist
"MILO.STOP.MURDERING.EVERYONE!!!" He yelled at me as he slapped me across the face 4 times in a row. There was silence for a moment
"Kiss me daddy~" I said to William. He leaned in closer
"Marry me Milo" He whispered to me, but loud enough for everyone else to hear
"Yes~" I answered him. He kissed me as there was really just a dead body bleeding from the head with ghosts and a witness standing there as I had blood all over me.
"Oh come on! What the fuck! Whats my middle name?" Crackers asked us, we looked at her
"I'm surrounded by DEMONS!" Kitty yelled, hitting her face as she disappeared. Crackers shrugged, pulling out a box of orange flavoured tiktaks from her pocket and started to eat them ghost style as she disappeared. Ash just stood there.
"Welp- I'm not gonna tell anyone-" I smiled
"Just- Kill Ryan and I won't tell anyone" I nodded
"Okay!" I shouted in excitement. She left the house. I looked at William
"Did you really mean-"
"Yeah- Sure" He answered. Wait. Its really only been a month. And hes already trying to marry me. I'm okay with it though. This makes me feel gay. He suddenly picked me up and walked over to my couch and placed me on it.

(incoming, smut)
William sat around my waist. I darkly blushed. He ripped off all my clothing, then he just took off his. I rubbed his chest as he slowly got my mechanical dick into his ass. He moaned as he started humping into me hard. I moaned too as drooling. I managed to sit up slightly as he humped even harder. I kissed and bit around his neck roughly leaving saliva all over his neck. He humped really deeply and I moaned loudly. 
"a-ah!" He got out of me as I started to cum. I blushed really dark. As he sat there I grabbed his waist then made him collapse his face into my dick. He started sucking me off as I moaned hard. 
"o-oh~" I drooled. He sucked me off harder, I moaned even more, "s-so good~" He stopped and looked at me. He pushed me down onto my back
"No fair! I get all the fun!" He sat around my waist again and shoved his purple dick into my ass. I flustered up. He thrusted into me deeply and roughly. 
"Moan loudly my darling~" I moaned really loudly like a scream as he thrusted in and out fastly, starting to cum as he did so. He exploded inside of me and I screamed louder.
"a-ah!!~ W-wil-william~!" I started moaning his name as he did so. He rubbed my nipples which made me drool alot. He pushed himself out of me, and smirked at me
"Okay darling~ I'm done~"
"a-aweeee" I exaggerated
"Later on, okay?" I smiled, nodding. He grabbed our clothing, and gave mine to me before he put on his clothes. I put on mine too.

When we were done. We remembered about the dead body
"So are we.....gonna clean it up...or?" William looked at me and nodded
"I told you no more killing...." He muttered
"I'm sorryyyy. She was going to kill me though..." William rolled his eyes
"Well I forgive you, but the vengeful ghosts won't.." He told me, he grabbed Crackers dead body and started bringing it downstairs. I looked at the lounge as he did so. There was semen all over the couch. I went flustered. 
"How the fuck do I wash this-" I muttered to myself. A few minutes later William came back upstairs. But I was just standing there. Questioning how I would clean this. He walked up behind me and hugged me around my waist, resting his head on my shoulder
"Lets go to your room darl~" I smiled
"Alright~" He picked me up and started to head to my room. 

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