Oikawa x reader

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You have been Iwaizumi's best friend since middle school. You're a first year at Aoba Johnsai. So Iwaizumi is 2 years older than you.

Because of Iwaizumi,you are forced to hangout with trashykawa.

You're not a fan of trashykawa because you think boys like him are annoying.

You don't have any friends who are girls. Only boys. Thanks to trashykawa of course.

Girls in your class are jealous of you.
There was even a time they tried to bully you by sending you notes which contains lots of hurtful words. Luckily, Iwaizumi stayed by your side.

Oikawa didn't know anything about that and you and Iwaizumi didn't tell him.

Oikawa has loved you since the first day he met you. He thinks you as someone special.

He often gets jealous when you're with Iwaizumi.


Oikawa: "(y/n) chan's pretty isn't she?"

Iwaizumi: "yeah..."

Oikawa: "I envy her."

Iwaizumi: "why?"

Oikawa: "My life is crowded. I want some time for both of us alone."

Iwaizumi: *angrily* "you don't know do you? Girls in this school envy her because you're hanging out with her. Your crazy fan girls are crazily in love with you and they'll do anything to be with you! They have been attacking her with hurtful words everyday! Before I stand for her, mean girls were picking up on her. She tried as hard as she can to ignore them. But imagine if you were in her place what will you feel?!"

Oikawa heard Iwaizumi and was shock. He didn't know anything about this.

Oikawa: "why didn't you tell me about this?"

Iwaizumi: "I wanted to, but she said no."

Oikawa:" I'm going to find her."


You were at the lockers alone. You wanted to take a book from your locker.

When you opened your locker, someone painted the word 'die' inside. You were tired so you decided to clean it up tomorrow.

Suddenly out of nowhere, Oikawa was behind you.

He looked at you seriously.
You were confused and you didn't say anything.

Tears started roll out from his eyes then he hugged you tightly.

"(Y/n) chan, I'm sorry. I didn't now about what the girls did to you when I started hanging out with you!"

"How did you know about this?! That dang Iwaizumi," You complained "Umm... Oikawa senpai. It's fine. Please stop crying."

Oikawa stopped crying, let go of you then he walked you home.

The next day

You were walking at the hallway with Iwaizumi.

You saw Oikawa pass by you.

Usually he would bug you.
But today, he ignored you.

"That's weird, what happened to him," you told Iwaizumi

"I think it's because of yesterday," Iwaizumi sweat dropped.

"What do you mean?"
You were confused.

At first Iwaizumi didn't wanna say anything.

"It's because if he talk to you like before, he's scared that the other girls will pick on you again."

You were bothered by how Oikawa's ignoring you. You can't focus at all.

After school...

You can't stand him ignoring you anymore.

You walk up to him.

"Oi, what happend to you?"
You shouted.

He didn't answer to you.

You shouted at him again,

He didn't answered.

"Did you now how much I missed you?"

His eyes widened.
A wide smile formed on his face.

"Really? I missed you too!"

"Then why did you ignore me."

"Well... I didn't want the others to hurt you. So I thought that's the only solution."

Oikawa grabbed your hand and hugged you,
"I'll make sure from now on they won't hurt you anymore."

Both of you started dating the next day. Both holding hands together.

Oikawa always wants to be on your side

He missed you all the time.

(Everytime you were with Oikawa, girls will glare at you. But Oikawa glares back at them.)😉


Ok omg. This weird. Wth. I'm doing this just for fun tho.

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