7 Kin of Purgatory

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♤♤3rd Pov♤♤

It didn't take long for Erza and Juvia to get to the clearing Y/n is in.

The clearing only had Y/n who stood in the center - seems to be in a haze.

Her eyes were dull and she seemed to be slouch forward slightly.

It was only her

It was.....strange..yet scary to Erza who had heard from Gajeel that they were two here -

But now they're both gone

Not a trace of them - not even the blood from before - they were professionally cleaned up - scent is gone, no other footprints - it was like they were never there.

Juvia - was fine. She heard what Gajeel told her about the Phantom Lord incident after he joined Fairy Tail. So Juvia assume that she just gave them a good beating and scared them off.

"Y-Y/n?" Erza didn't mean to stuttered. But she couldn't help herself, the aura is dark, the wind hardly blown, and despite the blazing sun - the area was darkened, Y/n's face seemed to lost color and she was radiating a large amount of power.

Y/n stiffened before turning to Erza with her bright eyes and a confused look.

"Huh? What's up, and why are you here?" Y/n asked, relaxing a little.

"We saw the flare and talked to Gajeel and Levy about the situation. Mind giving us more detail about the situation we're in?" Juvia said. Y/n nodded.

"Grimoir Heart - a dark guild - had decided to raid the island - looking for the Black Wizard Zeref." She said. Erza's and Juvia eyes widened - before Erza can protest, Y/n continues.

"Yes - he's still alive. He have been for 400 years. Apparently - he was in a deep slumber for the 400 years, and they wish to awaken him, to bring darkness into the world."

"If you're wondering - he's here - on the island."

"N-no! That can't be! How can someone like him be on the island!?" Erza asked.

"Not sure. But I saw him. Elfman, Evergreen, Happy and Natsu saw him as well - We even witnessed his magic." Y/n said.

"Did you do something?" Juvia asked.


"Why not? He's not a member of the guild - not to mention he's the most dangerous and strongest wizard out there." Erza said.

"I know he's strong....but...he didn't wanted any of this." Y/n reasoned.

"How can you be sure? Did he told you that himself?" Erza asked.


"No, you can tell. He was crying and was trying to hold back."

Erza - not having something to say, nodded - in both confusion and suspicion.

"What about the attackers?" She asked suddenly.

"Gajeel and Levy said about two attackers, Gajeel fought them off and won - what happened to them?" Erza asked, stepping closer to the girl.

"I simply got rid of them." She said, her hands behind her back.

"How did you do so?"

"Removed them from the island."

"Is that all? You didn't do anything else to them?"

"No. Why would I?" Y/n asked.

Erza nodded. She did something - Erza was sure of it.

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