Chapter 2: Uncomfortable

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It's been exactly 3 days since me and Bakugo started "dating"
Nothing has happened since then, not like I'm expecting him to act any different....
I was just wondering if he still remembers the bet.
I hope not....

It's currently 7:45 am and I'm waiting for the train to come. I don't really use my quirk for transportation unless It's urgent. I try to limit the use of my quirk as much as possible and decided to use it in battles and emergencies only, and I, too want to take the train like a normal high school student.

The train finally arrived and I stepped in.
I tried to scoot around to find a comfortable spot since there's a lot of people rushing to their jobs and school.
After a few stops I needed to get off and transfer to another train that goes straight to U.A.

Once I got off the train, I saw the spiky ash blond headed male that were supposed to be my "boyfriend" leaning on the wall with his earbuds in and his hand tucked in his pocket while the other is holding his phone.
What is he doing here?, he doesn't take this route to go to school.
I began to approach him, and once he became aware of my presence, he stared walking towards me.
"You're fucking late" he barked out.
"What do you mean?" I asked frowning at him in confusion.
What is this boy talking about?
He clicked his tongue before snatching my hand.
"What are you doing?" I asked again, sounding more reluctant due to the sudden force coming from him.
He ignored me and started walking toward the stairs still holding my hand and practically dragging me to God knows where.
Is he trying to be my boyfriend now?
"Pfffftt Bakugo, aren't you sweet" I giggled
"Shut up moron" he scowled at me squeezing my hand tighter.
"Hey that's no way to talk to your girlfriend" I complained sarcastically.
He ignored and proceeded to walk in a unusual fast phase.
"What are you even doing here" I asked trying my best to keep up with him.
"Starting today we're going to school together, so don't be fucking late. I don't have the time to wait for your lazy ass" he spat totally offending my feelings for calling me lazy.
I disregard his rude comment and figured he'll stop this silly games in a week or so.
"Sounds fun" I enthused and smiled at him.

We finally arrived in school with our hands still clasped together and it made me feel uncomfortable in the most embarrassing ways.
"Umm Bakugo you can let go of my hand now" I murmured as a light blush crept on my cheeks.
"Don't want to" he dryly disagreed and his grip tightens.
"But we're in school, what if people sees us-"
"Who gives a shit?" He barked out.
"Well I do, and your hand is really sweaty" I retorted and grab his wrists, attempting to detach it from my hand. He was too strong to even budge and his hand became immovable.

We would be the number one topic in the class if they found out we're "dating".

"Aren't you supposed to be my girlfriend?, you're the one who doesn't know shit about relationship, talking all big and shit!", he flicked a brow at me while and his face wrinkles with irritation.
The sudden escalation in his tone made me flinched a little.
"Ok" I muttered.

As we get closer in to the class I began to break in sweat as nervousness settle in my stomach.
Oh I am not ready for this.
And as a response to this fret I started walking slowly.
He noticed that I was getting more uncomfortable in every step we take as I give off a terrified expression.

He let out a small sigh finally let go of my hand.
Just when we're about to reach our classroom he halted his steps.
"Listen here dumbass, if you're uncomfortable with something then tell me, instead of making that scared face" he told me, his voice surprisingly soft.

"Haha don't mind me, I'm just not used to this things you know..." I excused, evidently out of composure.
He leaned closer and my eyes widened as he bring his mouth to my forehead and planted a kiss.
It was so sudden and out of nowhere that I jolted away.
I never expect Bakugo to do these kind of things.
I felt my cheeks heat up as blood engorge on it.
My face is turning red...
"Heh~" Bakugou let out a small laugh, smirking at me in the silliest way.

"look who's eating their own words" he mocked smugly.
THIS ASSHOLE! he's teasing me!!! and enjoying it.
I stood there speechless, and frozen trying to comprehend what just happened.
"Well then, see you in class shitty girlfriend " he proceeded to walk into the classroom with his grin refusing to leave his face.
"Nahh, he's only teasing me"I told myself and entered the class after regaining my composure back.

The thought of me possibly catching feelings for him because of this stupid bet made my feel agitated and I felt the need for revenge

To be continued.......

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