Part 13

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It's been 5 months. Babies are going school as well as Anika joined shivaay's office. During this shivaay tried his best to impress Anika. But seemed like she is Broken till extent that she is not able to give him any right.

Today a blissful morning have started with birds chirping and pleasant air.

In apartment.

Ani. Babies hurry up. U r getting late for school.

Shavi. Mumma sirf two more bites.

Ani. Shavi, baby I know ur tummy is filled. But u r doing drama to not going school.

Shavi. U r right I don't wanna go school. He said with glistening eyes.

Ani. What happened meri jaan.

Shavi. Mumma today is parents meeting and teacher asked me to bring my parents at school. But how will I take my mummy daddy when I don't have any dad. He said with little sobbed
Ani. Shavi , she got teary eyes and hugged him.

Ani. Don't cry meri jaan when mumma is here then u don't need anyone.

Shavi. I also don't want daddy bcz that person who never come to meet me I also don't need him. But when I see my friends with their dads. Then I feel like why my daddy don't love me. Why he don't come to meet me.

Ani. Shavi I'm sorry baby. I kept u away from u daddy. I'm really really sorry. She let out a lil cry.

Seeti. Aunty don't cly. Tears doesn't suit u. not crying baby

Seeti. I'm not fool. I can see that u both r crying.

Ani. Ok sorry now we won't cry. Han na shavi.

Shavi nodded sadly.

Ani. Now get up and go school.

Sh. I don't wanna go.

Ani. Shavi. Don't be stubborn bacha. And don't worry today mumma will come at ur school

Shavi. With daddy

Ani. Yes with daddy she stammered

Shavi. Love u mumma.

Ani. Love u too. She said kissing his chubby cheek.

Ani. Anyways go now. Ur bus is waiting for u out side.

Babies kissed her one more time togather on her cheek. And left for school.

In office

Anika is sitting lost somewhere when Shivay came near her.

Shiv. What happened to my ani. Anika startled and look at him abruptly.

Shiv. U scared me ani.

Ani. I'm sorry

Shiv. Leave it. Tell me what happened why r u seemed worried.

Ani. Wo I need to go babies school. As today is parents meeting.

Shiv. So

Ani. So daksh is not in town. So I'm now confused to go alone.

Shivaay felt jealous with daksh's name but he composed himself and smiled at her.

Shiv. No worries Anika I can come with u.

Ani. Are u sure.

Shiv. Yes why not.

Ani. That's grt so shall we leave now

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