Alternate Ending 1

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Yuzuko's eyes became hazed by the constant flashing cameras. It was as if she never left the island. It would have only have been a matter of time before the fame fizzled out. Yuzuko couldn't wait for that day to come. Endless interviews, photoshoots and TV stints strained her body. 

Her mother and grandmother had used her as a poster girl for their companies. She was not surprised her grandfather disappeared. 

As a winner of the show, the media tie-ins were more extensive as the others. But Rós and Aron made quite a stir at the press as well. His biological father, Ivan Bucks Jr, had been elected as president. Then along came Ivan Bucks III. Yuzuko shuddered at the fact that her son would have an uncle younger than him. 

President Bucks contacted Yuzuo and her friends often and spoke about the importance of family values. The prep talk came too late for Yuzuko. A series of DNA tests showed that President Bucks was the father to Aron, Yuzuko and Lavender. 

Yuzuko had killed her sister; so much for fidelity and family values. 

Despite that, Yuzuko still kept in regular touch with the other survivors through the Choco Donatsu Discord server and regular meetups. Even though life was busy, they always tried to visit the gravestones of the fallen contestants. 

Todd made sure Yuzuko never forgot Bobby. Not that she needed his reminders. The Pope prayed to God for a full recovery. Yuzuko did not believe in such a God. Someone pulled his plug last night. Yuzuko could never bring herself to admit it was her. 

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