♕Day Four - Part IV: A Lost Daughter♕

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Sia had gathered all the evidence she had in her head. A silver strand in her purple curls gave her the goosebumps. All the evidence she had lead to Sergeant Dust. She called her staff over to the boardroom and made sure Sergeant Dust was sitting in the front. 

Sia folded her arms and leaned against the wall. "You may be wondering why I've summoned you all so suddenly. But I've finally found my spy and it's time to execute him." It broke her heart to kill him, but she knew she had to if she wanted her show to continue. 

Fame and fortune were fickle friends, but Sia had trusted them for so long she could not find it to trust a human. 

"There are no spies here." Sergeant Dust didn't move when Sia waved a dagger him. 

She tutted. "You know Dust, I loved you once upon a time."

"I think you're getting it confused with lust."

Sia had known the man for thirty years, he knew her better than anyone else, but the friendship had come to an end. "Something is not right, and you know it!"

"What's wrong?"

"My arch enemy is missing, and you think it's nothing to worry about."

"I thought you would be happy. He's not interfering."

"I think I finally know who the spy is?"

"What spy?"

"My ex-husband's spy to be precise..."

"I wonder where his spy could be?"

"He's around."

"How do you know the spy is he?"

"Because I'm looking at him."

"Sia, I may be one of your biggest critics, but that doesn't make a traitor."

"I know you've been talking to my ex-husband on the phone."

"You're mistaken."

"You've broken my heart. Now you lie to my face."

"I have no reason to betray you."

"Revenge for not letting you go to your son's funeral?"

"You believe what you want. Sia Bucks is never wrong is she?"

"What the fuck Dust!" Daz Muffin stood up and kicked the table. "Defend yourself for fuck's sake!"

Sergeant Dust steered his head. "Stay out of it Muffin!"

"I'm the one you want." Daz waved his hands in the air. "I'm the fucking spy."

"What?" Daz Muffin's outburst was enough for Sia to drop the dagger. "

"It was me that told Professor Denki that Harumi nominated Yuzuko. Anything else you want me to spill before you kill me?"


"Come on then." Daz remained stood as the others sitting down were drawn back surprised.  "You're gonna fucking kill me, yeah? Do it. Got nothing to live for anyway. Now old Fanny's gone, I haven't got anybody to live for now." 

Sia's arms shook. She couldn't bring herself to do it. All the energy she had saved getting ready to persecute Dust had vanished. She had never seen a man so willing to die. All these years she thought she knew these people, yet she didn't know them at all. How could Daz Muffin and Fanny Bru's relationship slip over her?

"Not gonna do it are you?" 

"Of course I'm going to do it," Sia snapped, rummaging through her pocket. "I just forgot that I don't have my gun anymore. It's okay, I can get another one." 

"Your hands are shaking!" Daz hissed. "You can't do it. You're a fucking coward." 

"I'm a coward am I?" Sia plunged the dagger from the floor and pulled it back ready to attack. Then another voice behind her distracted her. 

"You leave my wifey alone!"

"Fanny?" It was her voice, but it sounded so masculine as if she had reverted back to his old self. Fanny Bru/Barry Garlow identified as non-binary and genderfluid and seemed to change her gender every day of the week.  

"Barry Garlow at your service!" Barry brushed off his grey suit and tie and tipped his hat. 

"What are you doing here?" Sia spat. "You're supposed to be dead." 

"Well, what a lovely way to greet a friend. And just because Fanny Bru, God rest her soul is dead, doesn't mean that Barry Garlow can't live on. We could have both been gone if it wasn't for the kind captain and a fellow passenger on Britannia." 

"You got what you wanted. What else do you want?" 

"Well, I bumped into somebody that you haven't seen in thirty years."  

"Who would that be?" Sia was expecting her ex-husband to waltz into the door. Barry opened the door and out came a woman in a red kimono with pink roses in her hair. It wasn't Professor Denki, but his daughter, and Sia's daughter. 

"Hey, Harumi..." One look was enough for Sia to be proud of her daughter. The caramel pigtails and smell of cinnamon brought warm colours into the room. It was wonderful not to smell body odour from the military. 

An awkward pause. Harumi's arms rustled through her sleeves. "Good morning, Miss Bucks."

"Miss Bucks?" Sia stepped forward. "You look...beautiful. If I was into women and you weren't my daughter. I'd be so into you." 

"A bit rich coming from somebody who slept with their nephew."

A burst of small laughter escaped Sia's lips. "Honey, I've done bad things, but don't believe everything they tell you in the news." 

"My father told me." 

"Your father tells lies!" 

"You as well." Harumi had silenced her. "I thought bringing Yuzuko here would stop you and father's foolish fights. Now it's only brought me more shame." 

"You turned  my daughter into a murdering-happy-go-lucky-nymphomaniac!" 

"Nah, she gets it from you and your father." 

"If she dies, I will kill you." 

"I'd like to see you try. Your father never good at keeping promises either." 

"Where's my father?" Harumi howled. 

"I don't know. He's fucked off back to his man cave where he belongs I guess. Maybe he's having an orgy with his robot wife Takako and his love robots." 

"Shut up!" Harumi clenched her fists. "My father is a great man! You're just a cruel vindictive bitch!"

"If you think so little of me, why did you come to see me?" 

"Closure! That's all I ask for." She folded her arms and looked away. "And I want to let you know that you know once and for all that you're no mother of mine!"  

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