♕Night Four - Part I: The Last Ones Standing♕

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"Yuzuko..." Aron couldn't finish his sentence. "Kiki is..."

"Gone?" Yuzuko asked. 

Rós picked up from where Aron left off. "The lighthouse exploded. Kiki was there helping Alfie. We wanted to save her, but we were too far away."

"So you're right. Everything I've done was for nothing." Yuzuko grasped, shaking Lavender's lifeless body in her arms. "All for nothing... please don't tell me Sakura is dead!" She burst into tears. Hands covered her heated cheeks.

Rós squatted besides Yuzuko and hugged her. "Sakura was still alive the last time we saw her. We lost three team members though."

Yuzuko wiped her tears, looking up at Rós. It did not ease the anxiety inside of her, but it stopped the tears. "Is that including Lavender?"

Aron responded on his girlfriend's behalf. "Christian, Alfie and Catherine. Alfie wasn't the dumb kid we thought he was," Aron admitted. "If he had more independence, he could have gone a long way."

Rós folded her arms. "I still can't believe how foolish he was. What's the benefit of killing yourself?"

"Wait!" Yuzuko stood up, releasing Lavender's corpse onto the stairs. "What do you mean Alfie killed himself?"

"We saw us Alfie's body burst to flames along with the other robots. There's only four left now." Aron held his cool, but his eyes glistened under the light. She knew it was a tear that Aron didn't want to let out. "There was nothing we could do."

"What happened to Christian and Catherine?"

"Catherine tried to stop him, but Christian blocker her path. They perished into the fire."

"Where was the fire?"

"In the lighthouse, there's nothing left of it now."

"We need to find the others!" Yuzuko snapped. "We need to make sure that no one else got caught in the fire!"

"Chang-Hoon and Yanyu are in the forest,"

Aron grabbed her shoulders. "Let's have a rest. Please even if it's five minutes."

"I can't just rest whilst our friends are dying out there."

Aron stood still. "The last four are going to be tough. The last four always are. We need to build our strength up, get all the help we can get."

"Maybe your monkeys can help?" Yuzuko asked. Her heart pounded at the thought of being rescued by bionic monkeys. "Rós, let them know they can trust me. I'll make sure they'll get their land back."

"I'm sure they will. They'll do anything for me."

"Alfie must have known he was going to die," Yuzuko muttered staring into the smoke outside the window.

"We all bring something into the team," Aron said. "We didn't realise how valuable Alfie was until it was too late."

Yuzuko could neither agree or disagree. She never spent amount time with Alfie to form an opinion of him. His death, his mother's ruthless pursuit reminded Yuzuko of her own mother.

Her mother brought her here to stop the show. She played the game. She didn't mean to, but she did what she had to do to survive. Her regrets outweighed the sands of Sahara. Yuzuko was confident that she lost her family honour with every sin she committed on the island.

It was time to restore it, Yuzuko said to herself.  She followed Aron and Rós out of the mansion and up to Mt. Ivan.

Yuzuko wanted to leap for joy. Her mood soared when she saw Sakura's hair wave above the field of flowers.


Sakura turned around. "Yuzuko!"

"I'm so glad you're alive." Yuzuko never wanted to let her go. "If I lose you, I'll have nothing."

"Don't think like that," Sakura said. Her stern words made Yuzuko notice her eyes even more.  "You have your family, you have your friends. If I die, I'll just be another guardian angel for you."

Yuzuko squeezed her tighter. "I'm not ready to let you go yet!"

Yuzuko saw Todd lead Sook-Jo, Chang-Hoon and Yanyu towards them. His hands were in his pocket, kicking flowers in his path. "Well I don't know what I'm going to do," Todd admitted, lowering his head. "Now that Bobby's dead. He was my only real friend."

Yuzuko let Sakura go. She reached out to Todd and lifted her heels to his level. "Todd...Sia doesn't want you guys to know this but Bobby's not dead."

"Where is he then?" Todd screamed.

"He's still here in a coma." Yuzuki explained. She took out the gun her grandmother bestowed her. "She gave me this, I've used it on Lavender and some of the robots. I don't want to use it again. Please please me!"

"Threatening to shoot them won't help!" Sakura yelled.

"The big robots are coming," Yuzuko announced in a cold voice. "We're the last ones standing, let's make history!"

Christian, Alfie & Catherine dead

4 robots remaining.

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