Drunk Driving

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"Breathe into this" the police officer said. We were standing on the side of the road, two friends and I. Shit shit shit I thought. There was no way the alcohol was out of my system yet. I was the most sober of my friends so that was good. I put my mouth on the breathalyzer and exhaled. 0.15 appeared on the little machine. 

"Alright.  At that high of a BAC, you are 380 times more likely to get into a fatal car accident. We're taking you and your friends to the detention center. You'll call your parents from there." Fuck. I'd rather spend a night in jail than face my dad. 

After taking our names, and our licenses, an officer hands me a phone and tells me to call home.

I dial the number and begin to pray. Please let mom pick up, please let mom pick up. And to my intense relief she does!

"Mom. Hi, I'm so sorry, but I'm at the police station. You have to come pick me up." 

My mom doesn't ask any questions but I know she will in person. She comes, fills out some paperwork, thanks the officers, and then walks beside me out the door. The moment we exit the building she grabs me by the hand, yanks me in front of her and delivers five hard smacks to my bottom. 

"What on Earth were you thinking Jessica??! We've taught you better than this. If you've been drinking, you call an uber. you get a lyft. We've said it a hundred times!" 

"I'm sorry mom! Ubers are expensive!"

"That's no excuse. We're going to have a long talk about this when we get home. With your father."

"No mom, please don't tell dad, he'll kill me." 

"You know what else will kill you? Drunk driving. I don't want to hear another word out of you until we get home, understand?" 

I sat in silence, partly frustrated and partly scared. When we get home, my dad is waiting for us in the living room. 

"WHat HAPpened Jessica." He boomed. 

"I was at a party, and we'd been drinking" I began. "And one of my friends needed to get home but everybody else had drunk way way more than I had, so I was the responsible one and offered to drive her home." 

"Jessica Stewart, driving under the influence of alcohol is the most dangerous thing you can do. You could have gotten yourself and your friends killed. I'm glad that police officer pulled you over. But losing your license certainly isn't enough of a punishment for you to truly learn your lesson."

"No dad, it was! I know I shouldn't have been driving, I'm sorry!"

"I would quit trying to get your way out of this Jessica. You know what's about to happen. Now get upstairs to your bedroom and bare yourself from the waist down." 

"FIne." I stormed up the stairs angrily and slammed my bedroom door. How could they not see that I had just been helping a friend?

Three minutes later, my parents walk in. 

"We were just going to have your mother spank you, but after that door slam, it's clear your attitude needs some serious adjustment, and well as your judgment making." My dad says. 

"Come over my lap" my mom says. I roll my eyes. 

"That eyeroll just earned you an extra five swats Jessica." My dad said. "Show your mother more respect than that." 

I lay over my mom's lap, my bare bottom in the air. She began with her hand. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. She began to scold me as well. "You will not" SMACK SMACK SMACK "Put yourself in danger" SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK "By driving drunk" SMACK SMACK SMACK "EVer again!"SMACK SMACK SMACK "Do I make myself clear?" SMACK SMACK. My but was beginning to burn so I did not answer. MY mom gave me five particularly had smacks. "When I ask you a question I expect you to answer! I said, do I make myself clear?" 

"yes mom!" I cried out. "I understand!"

"Paul, hand me the hairbrush." My mom says to my dad. Shit, my bottom is already on fire. And my dad is going to spank me after this too! My mom rains swats with the hairbrush down onto my naked butt. She doesn't alternate cheeks, but focuses on one spot for a minute before moving onto the next spot, and I can feel my bottom turning red. It hurts so badly. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK. Tears begin to leak out of my eyes. When is this going to end? CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK. My mom moves onto my sit spots and I cry out. "IT hurts!" CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK. "It's supposed to hurt. But it hurts nothing compared to what it would feel like to get into a car accident!" My mom shouts as she continues to pepper my burning butt. That hit me hard. She's right. I really could have hurt myself and my friends. CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK CRACK. 

My mom stops and puts the hairbrush down. "I've got her from here." My dad says. I don't even complain. As much as I hate it, I understand why they have to do this. 

"Lean over the bed, you're getting ten with my belt. You could have been done by now if it weren't for your attitude." I nod and wipe my tears as I stand up. I'm tempted to rub my bottom, but my parents have a strict no rubbing rule until the punishment is over, and I want to be done. I lean over the bed. 

WHIP WHIP WHIP The first strokes come down so hard that I think my butt must have literally caught fire. WHIP WHIP I cry even harder. WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP WHIP 

"You're done Jess" My dad says. My butt is burning so badly I won't be able to sit for days. 

"Now, while I do believe you've learned your lesson, you won't be going to any parties for the next three months. If we catch you drunk in that time, you can expect a far worse punishment than that. Do you understand?" My mom asks

"Yes ma'am."

"And" My dad starts, "You're grounded for the next week. I want an essay on the dangers of drunk driving written by tomorrow night." 

"Yes sir." I say, knowing that the punishment could be far worse. 

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