☠Day Four - Part Five: The Penultimate Showdown☠

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The mansion was raided. Yuzuko caught a glimpse of the robots as they trashed the place. Planks of wood flying from all directions. Light bulbs shattered. Yuzuko slashed the curtains apart trying to tackle the robots down but still kept Lavender insight. Her gun still weighed her down, but she remained determined that she was not going to use it. 

"Consider yourself lucky," Lavender hissed, squashing a robot's head with the sledgehammer. 

"Why is that?" Yuzuko assumed Lavender was trying to catch her off guard. 

"That the robots you love so much will be the ones to kill you." Lavender's voice echoed over the metallic chaos. "It's been nice knowing you, but I think this place shall be your grave. Don't worry, I'll make sure you and Sakura will be together." 

Yuzuko couldn't contain herself. She pulled the gun out of her pocket and pulled the trigger at least a dozen times. The robots were quick to fall after the last bullet. She was alarmed by a high-pitched scream. Yuzuko gasped and placed the gun back in her pocket. 

Lavender dropped the sledgehammer on her feet and placed her hands together, blood oozed from both of them. "BITCH!" she yelled. "You shot my hand." 

"I looked up to you." Yuzuko choked on her tears. It was Lavender's vlog that made her realise she was bisexual. Her positive videos pulled Yuzuko out of depression. None of this was easy for her. 

"Fuck you... I don't need your bullshit." 

"You don't have to kill anyone," Yuzuko said, pleading on her knees. "We can all still be winners. We can share the money." 

Lavender rolled around the staircase howling in pain. "I DON'T WANT TO SHARE. I WANT IT ALL TO MYSELF." 

"Lavender!" Yuzuko shot up and dashed to the bottom of the stairs. "Think of what Christian said." 

"He never loved me anyway." 

Yuzuko shook her head. "I think he did. Why did he keep coming back?" 

"We just wanted to make the world and the people in it beautiful again," Lavender sobbed clawing onto her injuries. 

"Come on," Yuzuko patted her back. "Let's go." 

Lavender snatched Yuzuko's sword. "I'm not going anywhere." Screaming, Lavender waved the sword around. 

"Sorry!" Yuzuko whipped her gun out and pulled the trigger. "You left me no choice." 

Lavender slumped over. The blood was everywhere. Yuzuko retrieved the weapons, but stayed with Lavender and wept. 

Lavender dead
Christian - 650 points 
Sakura & Yuzuko - 800 points

98 robots remaining

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