♕Day Four - Part I: Third Scoreboard♕

18 2 0

It was a bad day, but Sia still smiled. It was day four and day four was her favourite for the double points. Day Four was the game-changer. People showed their true colours. It was when the ratings would soar when people crack. There was going to be a riot, and Sia loved riots unless it involved the mechanical monkeys on the island who had wrecked the studio. 

Soldiers were mourning with Daz Muffin, and Pussy*Pussy*Meow*Meow's reunion tour would end up becoming a solo adventure. No empty bottles could hide Sia's nightmare: her empire was falling apart. Her best friends were dead, her family despised her, and there was a spy amongst her staff. 

Next, to Sia, even Adolf Hitler could be a saint. 

Professor Denki had been quiet. His social media accounts hadn't been updated in a while and he was a man who always kept his phone close to his heart. Sia hated it. Her nails flicked together as her fingers jiggled. They were up to something. 

Daz Muffin was sulking in the corner, but that was nothing new. He was always a miserable git when he was sober. Sergeant Dust smoked his tenth cigarette that morning as if nothing had happened. 

"We should have been live ten minutes ago," she snapped. 

Sergeant Dust butted out his cigarette on the floor. "They're having some difficulties getting through to the network. One of the monkeys got electrocuted biting into the wire: God bless his soul." 

"Another little pest bites the dust then." 

"Any news from Professor Denki?"

Sia shrugged her shoulders. "No. Maybe he's too busy chatting to his spies." 

"Or he's practising Judo in his underpants." 

"Oh, you know him well then?"  

"Sorry M'am!" the director said, running into the studio. "I think we've got everything working again."

During the broadcast, Sia didn't bother with the moments of silence. Daz Muffin rambled on about the weather and the importance of friends too long for her liking. She really wished Daz would stop crying, it was too ugly for her liking. 

"Last night's scoreboard is as follows: At the bottom of the leaderboard, we have our American beauties Lavender & Christian with 2056.12 points. Making it into the top five is Todd & Sook-Jo- 3111.85 points. Fourth place is Catherine & Alfie with 3535.85 points. In third place, we have our star-crossed lovers Chang-Hoon & Yanyu with 3732.85 points. In second place we have the beautiful Sakura & Yuzuko with 4687.85 points. Topping the leaderboard we have the cheating motherfuckers Rós & Aron with 5047.85 points." 

A monkey jumped into Sia's afro, pulling onto her curls and squealing in joy. 

"Get off!" Sia flung the monkey out onto the camera. Her heart pounded as she felt her hair string out of place. Her purple afro was the best part of her, and now that's ruined, it would take at least another two hours getting it right again. It was all she needed. 

"I'm sorry my hair looks like shit, but it's double points today which means destroying robots today will give you 50 points, sex acts 100 and killing is 200. Keep hitting those jackpots baby!" 

202 robots remaining

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