Extraordinary Ordinary Part 7

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Our living room is pretty small, we have a two person sofa and one arm chair. Adrian and his damage control women have squeezed themselves onto the sofa so Robyn and I perch on the arms of the armchair.

'Uh.. Hi.' I say addressing the two women. 'I'm Wren and this is my sister Robyn.'

They both nod and smile at us politely. One of them is very tall, with dark red hair which is slicked back in a long pony- tail. The other is about average height, around the same size as me, with a sleek brown bob. They are both dressed head to toe in expensive looking black suits and heels. They are pretty intimidating.

The redhead clears her throat and makes their introductions. ' I'm Eddy, Adrian's publicist, and this is Simone, my assistant.'

'I'm sorry to have kept you waiting' I say looking at Eddy, then I turn my attention to Adrian, 'Why exactly are you all here?'

'Because of this.' Eddy says, pulling a copy of 'Guess What?!' magazine out of her handbag and handing it to me.

'Oh I saw this yesterday. I felt like punching that lying waiter.' I say, studying the magazine cover once more.

'What did the waiter lie about?' Adrian says icily.

'The part where I 'ungratefully snatched the food and slammed the door.' I reply matching his own icy tone with one of my own. 'The rest of the stuff that he said was pretty much spot on. I was unhappy and I did make an abrupt exit which is why I am so surprised to see you.'

'In fact, how do you even know where I live? How did you know what address to send Robyn's food to? Are you stalking me?'

Adrian's eyes flash at the word stalking.

'Would you like that? Being able to tell the magazines that I'm stalking you?'

I'm about to tell him that he is the last person that I would want stalking me but Eddy interrupts what was sure to become an all-out barney.

'Let's not give Wren any ideas.' She says with a tinkle of laughter but she flashes at hot look at Adrian. A look, I'm about to learn, that did not go unnoticed by Robyn.

'Wren' Eddy says, giving me a Miss World worthy smile, 'We know that you had nothing to do with selling the story to Guess What?! But now that the story is out there you might get offered money to talk to other magazines. You know now from experience that the media don't care much about hurting your feelings. There is no guarantee that they will portray you in a favourable light even if they do pay you for an interview. That's just something for you to think about. My concern, however, is how Adrian is portrayed and the best thing for Adrian is that there is no more media coverage concerning the two of you. With that in mind, we would like to offer you a very generous sum of £5,000 if you will sign an agreement stating that you will not disclose any information about Adrian or the time you have spent with him.' She finishes, clasping her hands on top her handbag, looking at me expectantly.

Well...That's a surprise.

I look at Adrian while I process the offer. He isn't even looking at me. He's texting. I am clearly Eddy's problem now.

'Uhh...well thanks, that's very generous but I'm not going to be selling a story or anything anyway so-'

'She's not signing anything. Not while Adrian the Almighty is going to sit there and ignore her in her own house. We have stuff to do. You can leave now.'

Robyn has never been one for mincing her words. I don't really know what to do, I look from her to Eddy and then to Adrian who is staring at me sternly, mobile forgotten.  I decide to just go along with Robyn. I'm not planning on selling any stories but I don't plan on putting Adrian's mind at ease either.

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