The Rude, Blunt Kid|Karaoke Pt. I

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"Mind if I take a  seat?" she looks up and her eyes glimmer when she sees me, then looks away and closes her book, chuckling to herself. "I do mind. I don't want people to know I'm hanging with a loser like you."

"I guess. I'll be going," I bid her farewell and she darts a glare at me with a snort coming from her mouth. "You're ticking me off, can't you understand a joke?"

"Star," I look at her like she's some lowly creature. "I'm a mature teenager, I don't sit well with childish jokes like  yours. But if want, I could level with you."

She stoods up, her eyes piercing at me with anger and swungs her legs backwards and with a fast speed, it lungs on the direction of my legs. With  its extreme force, I lose balance and fall flat on the ground, kneeling in front of her.

She kicks my head lightly, flashing a satisfied smirk. "That's better. Know your place, loser."

"That was unexpected," I groan and push my body upwards.

I pat the dirt on my pants, then  glanced at her. "Do you have any plans today?"

She gives me a judging look, eyes squinted and lips pouted. "Are you asking me, an eleven year old child, on a date? I'm sorry,  but I don't like paedophiles."

I rubbed my temples, pulsating as I have to deal with her. "Suit  yourself. I just wanted you to meet my friends."

She chuckles rudely, like I wasn't worthy of her. That's rather disturbing and sad. "You think I'd meet with your loser friends? Do you expect me to meet them and join hands like Barney and his brainwashed captives?"

"Wait---where did you get the idea that Barney is a kidnapper? Have you even watched Barney before?"

She clicks her tongue. "Marco, Marco, Marco. I think in real life, we both know that Barney would be a psychopath brainwashing poor children to join him in his delusion adventures."

"Great way to ruin my childhood, now I can't see Barney the same way I used to," I sarcastically replied. She taps her foot. "It's my pleasure."

"Anyway, I gotta go," I say to her. "--I'm going to meet my friends." I turn my back on her when she shouts. "Wait!"

I turned around and see her infuriated face, like a child who didn't get the chance to have the toy she wanted. "What? Didn't you clearly told me you didn't want to meet my "freak friends"?"

She fiddles with  her fingers. "You should persuade me a little more, don't you want me to be there?"

I sigh. "You're a pain, aren't you?"

She flashes me a toothy grin. "Now that's the spirit! Persuade me peasant."

I crossed my brows at her. "You make it look like I'm trying to ask you on a date," she crosses her arms. "Aren't you technically doing that?"

"Will you go with me, Miss Star?" I say lazily. It's evident on her face that she's a brat and isn't satisfied with my invitation. She taps her foot. "Again! Be happy won't you?"

"Sure, sure," I brush her off. "Will you, our smart  and goddess, Star Butterfly,  go with me?" she scrunches her nose and I lash at her. "What?!"

"It's too cringey," she argues and tucks a strand behind her ear. "You're really  a pain today, it's like you want to irritate me so bad."

"Stop assuming, Zitco," she croaks. "I'm not craving for your attention! No way, ha! For the likes of you?!"

I grab her hand in mine without any warning and she lets out a sound. "Why are you grabbing my hand?" her cheeks flared red and squirming against my hold.

"Just shut up and follow me," I replied. " If you wanted to go, just say so"

I start to walk and she walks behind me. "Are you angry at me?" she says it in a soft manner, like she's actually guilty. "What do you think?"

"Then I'm sorry, okay?" she blurts. "--but it's not my fault you're so sensitive."

"Sure, yeah I'm sensitive and you're insensitive," I say. "--I really hate this attitude of yours, but I like you so I'll brush it off."

"L-like?!" she screams like it's a big deal and halts to which I stop. She pulls her hand away from mine and when I turn to face her, her cheeks are turning so red you could boil something out of it.

"W-what do you mean? I'm e-eleven and y-you're s-sixteen," she whispers. "--i-it's impossible and forbidden."

"What the hell do you mean?" I say, confused. "--I mean I like you as my friend, and I don't go for young children like you."

She looks disappointed but I don't say anything. "Really?"

"Can you stop being a drama queen and just come  with me?" I ask her with plead.

"Sheesh. Fine," she rolls her eyes and takes a few step so she walks beside me. "--who are these friends of yours?"

I tuck my hands beneath the pockets of my pants and smile. "They're really great people. There's Janna, she's that girl who can get close with anyone , then Pony Head--she calls herself like that, she's like that emo kid or some phase and Ferguson who's a major bookworm and thirsty for information."

She chuckles. "I haven't seen you with them, where were they all this time?"

"They went on a trip," I briefly answered. "Janna's parents are loaded and offered  us a cruise, but then Jackie happened and I couldn't join."

"Oh," that was all she said and suddenly, it became quiet once again.


"Marcoooo!!----and," Janna pauses as she gives a long stare at Star. Star clearly looks bothered but doesn't say anything whilst she keeps rubbing her sleeves. I step in and give Janna a reprimanding look. "Janna, it's rude to stare at someone."

"But she's a new fella!" she protested and lightly punch my shoulder. "Are you gonna introduce her to us?"

"Exhilarating!" Ferguson chimes in after he closes the book he was reading before we came. "--a new acquaintance,  I'd be delighted to learn so many information from you."

"This is Star Butterfly," I place a hand on her shoulder. "She's on the same grade as us. She's a genius."

Ferguson's eyes twinkled. "Amazing!"

"Pssh," Pony Head joins us. "--a genius? You're lucky kid."

"Shall we all take  a seat?" Janna starts and everyone takes a seat.

-To be continued-

August 21,2019

Immmmmmmmm reallly sorrry I haven't updated. First, I didn't have any idea what to write. Second, we had our exams and we were so busy and lastly, I was busy doing art commissions so I couldn't spare any time.

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