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A/n: special yoonmin chapter bc those two make me SOFT

Yoongi sighed to himself as he lay on his bed with his arms wrapped around Jimin who was sprawled out next to him. He couldn't seem to get his mind off what his brother had said. It was evident that Jungkook was suffering about the situation regarding Taehyung, although the elder didn't quite know what to say to him.

"Yoongi? What's wrong?" Jimin asked softly, his voice laced with concern as he turned over on his side, facing his boyfriend.

Brushing his thumb along the boy's lower lip, Jimin furrowed his brows in curiosity, immediately noticing the way Yoongi had been extremely silent all evening. It wasn't like the Prince to have hardly much to say around Jimin.

"It's Jungkook," Yoongi replied, rubbing comforting circles into Jimin's hip as his eyes remained focused onto his boyfriend's face. "His situation is different to ours. I'd already accepted my sexuality when I met you. He hasn't."

Yoongi had explained the difficult situation his brother was in to Jimin earlier, to which his boyfriend advised him to only give his brother space as sooner or later, Jungkook would most likely give into what his head was telling him to do. However, Yoongi wasn't convinced. He despised nothing more than to see Jungkook suffering, no matter how often the two often disputed.

"It won't take him long to figure everything out," Jimin spoke out after a few seconds, running his fingers through Yoongi's blonde hair. "There's no point worrying about him now, baby. Leave him to his thoughts. He'll be fine."

Yoongi managed to muster up a small smile due to the younger's words. The boy always managed to cheer him up, no matter the circumstance, which was one of the endless things he adored about Park Jimin.

Yoongi reflected back on his actions and wondered why it was him who'd been so lucky as to manage to call Jimin his. The boy was the definition of perfection. His soft, milky skin as well as his green-blue eyes gave him an angelic aura, hence why Yoongi often referred to him as "angel."

"Anyway," Yoongi said, pulling Jimin towards his chest. "Enough of this talk. Let's talk about how beautiful you are," he complimented, scanning his eyes across the boy's facial features, who in response turned a light shade of pink.

"Yoongi, stop," he mumbled, clearly embarrassed, although it was evident he wanted the male to do anything but that.

"You sure, hm?" Yoongi asked, raising his brows questioningly. "Tell me to stop once more and I will," he continued, allowing a satisfied smirk to creep across his face as he was met with silence. "I knew it."

Yoongi swung his leg around Jimin's waist, hoisting himself onto the smaller male. Glancing down at him, the elder couldn't help but stare at his boyfriend's face lovingly, tracing his finger over his brows, nose and lips.

"Baby," Yoongi murmured gently, slowly lowering his head towards Jimin. "You're perfect," he stated, before capturing Jimin's lips with his own, running his tongue along the boy's bottom lip as he silently asked for access to which his boyfriend complied to, opening his mouth almost immediately.

Yoongi responded by slipping his tongue into Jimin, exploring every inch of his wet cavern whilst running his fingers through his bright pink hair. There's nothing more he loved than to be intimate with the younger, letting him know how much he cared about him by the tender kisses he'd often leave peppered across his face. Yoongi only worried for Jimin's happiness. He made it his mission each day to fit in as many compliments as he could manage from the second the sun rose, to the moment of sunset; and even, when darkness had befallen the kingdom, Min Yoongi whispered sweet nothings into Jimin's ear as the younger drifted off to sleep.

Finally pulling away a few seconds later, Yoongi let out a soft breath, maintaining the focus he had on his breathless boy.

"I love you, hyung," Jimin whispered, placing his palms flat against the elder's chest.

These words only made Yoongi's heart flutter, as he found his body exploding with the feeling of pure exhilaration. The fact that he'd met someone as perfect as Jimin bewildered him on a daily basis, and he still couldn't accept how lucky he really was.

"I love you too, my sweet angel."

A/n: two chapters today bc why tf not

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