26.Body on me

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Y/N Pov
Okay so do you wanna stay the night here", I asked Mila as I was driving her home

"That would be amazing, I'll ask my parents and pack all my stuff," she replied while smiling, I had one hand on the wheel and the other hand resting on her inner thigh. Friday had come too fast and we were currently in my car and Camila was gonna stay the night for the weekend.

We pulled up at the front of her house and I looked at her, "I won't be too long honey," she said while taking off her seatbelt and pecking my lips, before she could pull away I rested my hands on her cheek and pulled her back into me placing my lips on hers again.

She pulled away "Heyeyeyeey,we'll carry this on later," ;)

I bit my lip and winked "you got it," I got out the car with her because I wanted to talk with her family and see them since it's been a while, I walked by her hand in hand as we approached her doorstep, she unlocks the door with her keys and calls out to her parents.

"In here Mila," her parents replied from the living room, we walked in her living room to see her parents watching TV with Sofi "hey guysss," they turned their head towards me "Y/NNNNNN," they all said in unision. "Mama can I stay over at Y/N's for the weekend?" She asked her parents, they both looked at each other and turned towards her "okay mija," they agreed happily.

I watched Mila sprint up through stairs in excitement, and turned my head towards her family, they all looked at me while smiling, "So Y/N, how's your basketball going?" Her dad asked me, "it's going well, I replied, I've got team try out next week, they've been holding ones for every sport, I guess it comes down to whoever can prove themselves and put in the effort and can show that on the court, gets picked to represent the school team," I replied proudly

"Will you invite us to all your games Y/N," Sofi asked, "of course princess," I replied while smiling cheekily at her, "So Y/N," Sinu started off "how have you been finding college?" She asked "it's going really well, me and mila have made a lot of new friends and it's been amazing but it really does get tiring even if we have short hours," I replied while playing with my fingers.

The truth is, I was stupidly nervous, pretty much about everything, it's sort of like staying up late and waking up mornings, same with the days I have training, I've been lacking a lot and I don't know why I haven't told Camila yet and she knows somethings wrong, she's been trying to make me feel better since we left for school it's only hit me this morning over how overwhelming this is but hopefully it's just a "phase".

Camila's POV
I smiled as I packed my pair of lingerie, I know Y/N hasn't exactly been feeling the best lately and I know exactly why, she's been overthinking this college thing a lot and it's perfectly normal but I don't want my baby to go through all this stress.It is such a big jump but me and her are together on this and I'm not leaving her, she's my girlfriend and lover and I really hope we stay together forever.

But I feel like even if we don't stay together we're gonna cross paths again and I really do want to marry this girl I really do but love is never easy.

The way she gets on with my family makes my heart flutter, the way she makes Sofi smile and laugh makes my heart flutter and the way she makes me feel gives me the WHOLE DAMN ZOO. I've already talked to her about it already but this time I wanna put something else in her head...if ya know what I mean ;)

While making light convosation with the family and joking around for a while I heard Camila come downstairs with her bag and a change of clothes, I felt myself drool at the sight of her

Y/N POVWhile making light convosation with the family and joking around for a while I heard Camila come downstairs with her bag and a change of clothes, I felt myself drool at the sight of her

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