Ch.23 - Who's Passing Through?

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It was almost like it never happened. The previous days past, the sports festival took place, and excitement painted the stadium from every corner. And now today, things returned to normal at last.

Ryou yawned as he dragged himself out of bed. He had wore his 1st place medal that night to bed, looking at himself in the mirror, awing the fact that he made it that far. It was amazing to get the recognition of All Might, at last. The number one hero, acknowledging his talents and skills and told him he could be a hero!

It almost seemed like a dream, as to how good it was. But yet, it wasn't. He actually won in the sports festival, and to make things even better, it seemed him and Todoroki were on pretty good terms again.

Ryou opened his bedroom door as he could smell his Grandmother's cooking coming from the kitchen.

"Mmm...Grandma, I love the smell of your breakfast in the morning." He said as he came out into the kitchen.

Ryou's Grandmother turned and beamed a bright smile. "Ahhh, my baby! How's my first place hero-in-training today?" She immediately stopped what she was doing and gave Ryou a hug.

"Grandma, the pancakes..." Ryou laughed.

"Oh I'm sorry sweetie, I just can't help it. After seeing you in tournament, how well you did, and how everyone was so proud of you, it makes my heart shine just to see you like this!"

"Thanks Grandma." Ryou sat down to the table, and started looking around. "Say, where's Sunny to?"

"I'm not sure. She went out earlier before you got up. She said she needed to go out and get some air."

"Ah, well, whatever she's doing, I'm sure she can handle herself." Ryou nodded.

"By the way...I got a call from Mr. All Might from school when you went to bed. He said there was going to be an opportunity coming up for you. Someone of great importance was looking to meet you."

"Oh?" Ryou didn't really pay a lot of attention, as he stuffed his face with his Grandma's pancakes. "Interesting."

"Well, if it's someone of great importance, I would think so. I'm not sure who it was though...he never said his name. Just said that he was "just passing through"."

Ryou dropped his fork, and nearly chocked on his food. "Wait. What did you say?"


There was no way.

No possible way.

It had to be a coincidence or something.

Ryou walked down one of the halls of U.A, his mind wandering in multiple different directions. He couldn't get over what his grandmother told him this morning over breakfast. Someone wanted to meet him...with a familiar catchphrase. He wanted to say it was who he thought it was...

No. It was probably just a coincidence. After all, the only thing that was real was the Ridewatches. Not a chance HE was actually here.

Ryou dropped his shoes in his cubicle as Midoriya approached him.

"Hey Ryou!"

Ryou gave Midoriya a warm smile. "How's the arms holding up? Not gonna beat them all up again, are you?"

Midoriya, embarrassed, let out a small chuckle. "I...I don't think so.". His eyes then lit up. "I can't believe you won the tournament though! I bet you feel fantastic!"

"That's one word for it."

Ryou and Midoriya walked in the classroom, each taking a seat. Ryou looked over at his classmates. A lot for them we talking about the events of the sports festival, each talking about being recognized on the streets, about how it felt for people to see them.

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