Chapter 17 - Fighter

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A few days later, Jo wakes up in Dart's arms, feeling at home and relaxed. She takes in his scent and nuzzles his chest. He mumbles and pulls her closer. Jo smiles against his chest and whispers: "Mister handsome? I need to go to work. You'll have to let me go." Dart mumbles a no and Jo bites his chest. He lets go of her and she quickly gets of bed. He glares at her and she giggles, getting dressed, while he still looks a bit angry. She brushes her teeth and fixes her hair and walks back to the bedroom. She leans against the door frame and blows a kiss at Dart. She knows better, than to give him a real kiss, because he will pull her into bed and she will be late. Dart moans and she says: "Bye lover. See you later."

She hums softly as she walks over to the cafe, greeting everyone on the way. She moved in with Dart, the first night back from San Francisco. There was no way she could sleep without Dart. It was hard at first, because it felt like losing Jake and her safe place. But she is getting used to it. And Jake is still there for her like old times. If anything it brought them closer, making the best of the time they are together. Jo works in the cafe when Maria is in the boutique and helps out for bigger events. She is about to walk in, when her phone beeps, thinking it's Dart she opens her messages. But she sees it's from Mister Tailor: The dream girl part of the campaign goes live today. Jo smiles at her phone and walks through the door of the cafe and into the kitchen.

Jake is seated at the kitchen table, not taking notice of her, totally lost in the newspaper. Jo walks over to him, looks over his shoulder and sees the campaign page. Dart with an open shirt, thinking of her in the white dress. It looks very impressive, spread out on the entire page of the paper. Jake suddenly looks up at her with a weird look. He gets up to get some coffee and comes back with a cup for her too. He sits down, drinking his coffee, not saying a word. Jo sits down too, afraid to speak. Jake takes a deep breath and says: "So proud of you." Jo gets up and hugs him from behind with a big smile. He gets up and wraps his arms around her, pulling her against his chest. They stand like that for a while, until Maria comes downstairs. She looks at them a bit confused and Jake points at the paper on the table. Maria walks over to look at it and gasps. "Wow Jo."

Jo walks over to Maria and they hug too. "I am telling you guys, this part is the most sexy part, the final part is the 'love of my life' part. So brace yourselves, those pictures and commercial are even prettier." Jake stares at her and says: "Can't wait to see it." They have breakfast together and Jo tells them about the photo shoot. They both look so proud, that Jo feels warm inside.

She checks her Instagram and finds a post from Dirk. He posted the dream girl picture of her and added: My muse. <3 Jo replies to it with a kiss emote and looks at some other posts. She gets a notice that Dart posted a new picture and sees he posted the same one, Dirk posted. Only he added: My dream girl. She left me all alone. All I have is this picture. Jo thinks for a second and decides to play his game. She searches for the add picture online and crops herself out of it. She posts the picture of Dart with his shirt open and types a line to go with it: Hard at work, while this sexy man is still in bed. She laughs and puts her phone in her back pocket. Ready to get to work and serve the regulars their breakfast.

It's busy that morning and on top of that, most of the people in the cafe saw the ad and want to talk to her about it. Jo manages to talk to everyone and serve the food and drinks. But once the rush is over she collapses on a chair in the kitchen. Jake walks in and hands her a cup of tea and she sips it, slowly relaxing. He sits down across from her and says: "Are you okay?" Jo looks up at him: "Yeah. Just tired from all the guests wanting to know about the ad. I wonder how Dart does that. I want to stay nice, but get more uncomfortable with every new question." Jake places his hand on hers, saying: "You look gorgeous though and the people just want to feel like they know this beautiful woman, so they can tell their friends they know you. And you are very approachable, Dart isn't for various reasons. But if it gets to much, give me a sign and I will come up with an excuse for you." Jo smiles at Jake and nods as a thank you. She drinks more of her tea and takes out her phone. She has a new follower and sees it's Mister Tailor. She follows him back and sees the full ad on his page. She checks the replies and sees a lot of positive ones, people asking if there's another part to the campaign. Dart replied to her picture: Taking a shower right now. I'm coming over. Jo laughs at his message and replies with a kiss. She is standing behind the bar when he walks in, looking into her eyes as he walks over to her. He hugs and kisses her, before saying: "That damn Dirk. With his muse." Jo laughs and sees some new guests come in, walking over to the bar with a newspaper. They want to hear more about the ad or even ask for Dart's autograph. Jo gets tired of it already and says: "Buy a drink and get an answer to one question. I am trying to work here people."

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