Chapter 1 : Ellis

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It all started with a car. Or actually, multiple cars, which was customary in a traffic jam.
Ellis was on the way to her dance lesson, which she did often, and the ride to Shooting Stars Dance academy was startlingly dull.
By now, Ellis knew every street and building lining the route to her dance school, and was currently amusing herself by letting caramel colored tendrils of her hair drift out of her tight bun and near her sea green eyes, and then blowing them away.
And then the traffic had started up.
Ellis had sighed, trying to think up more activities to keep her occupied, and she looked out the window, looking at people and imagining what they might be doing.
She had seen Beyonce's dog walker, a spy from the Sandwich Islands, and a unicorn trainer in disguise, before her mother had made a cry of victory. The traffic was finally lightening up.
But before the cars could move, Ellis heard a noise like a light switch being flicked off, and the world went pitch black. The blackness subsided, and she opened her mouth to ask her mother what had happened to see that her seat was empty.
So was her father's.
And her brother's.
"Mama?" She called.
Nobody answered.
Ellis' heart pounded, and she began to panic.
What if Mama is gone? And Papa, and Jonas, and... She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Do not think that way, Elli. Do not. You will find Mama and Papa and Jonas.
She climbed out of the car, and looked through the windows of the blue sudan next to them, to find that there was nobody inside.
Same with the next car.
And the next one.
And then it hit her.
They weren't coming back.
Mama, Papa, Jonas, they were all gone.
And so was the rest of humanity.
And even though there were loads of places that Ellis hadn't checked, she knew, deep in her bones.
She knew that she was alone in this world.

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