Louis Tomlinson Imagine #3

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you were sitting with your boyfriend of 7 months Louis Tomlinson, just watching t.v laying on his bed. just as the show got more interesting Louis's phone rang. "Hey Babe, Mind Reading that for me" Louis speaks. Louis was in the middle of writing a song for the new album 'Take Me Home'. "Of Course Boo Bear!" you say while picking up his phone. you read the text message and sat there shocked. you stared at the phone and the message that was sent by this Miranda girl. who was she? why was she saying that?

the message said: Hey Louis, Had a great time last night, maybe we can meet up again tonight ;)

"Babe, Whats wrong" Louis says now looking up from the sheet of music and looking at my face. "Your Cheating Me" you choked out, now tears streaming down your face. "What are you talking about?" Louis asked. "THIS" you yell shoving the phone in his face then throwing it back on the bed. you ran out of the room, tears now in flowing out of you like a river. you ran out the door, not looking back.

* Louis POV *

i pick up my phone that Renee just threw on my bed and read the text. i look at the message and read it over and over again. why am i such a jerk, that Miranda girl didn't mean nothing to me, its Renee who means the world to me. i can't believe i screwed it up, My beautiful girlfriend well now ex girlfriend just left me.

* Renee's POV *

i kept running till i was out of breath. i had no where to go. i then realized where i was and it seem to be close to Danielle's and Liam's House. i walked about 15 more minutes till i was on the front porch of Danielle's house. i really needed to talk to someone, and now.

i knock on the door as it opens up to Liam smiling. once he saw my face his smile left. "Whats Wrong?" asked Liam. "Um can we talk inside? is Dani home?" i say. "Yes of course, come in" Liam says opening the door more widely for me to come in. "And Dani is just upstairs ill go get her, make yourself at home" liam speaks now making his way upstairs. Liam comes back down with Danielle as they sit down beside me. i tell them what happened between Louis and me.

after hours of talking the time was getting late, i stood up and walked to the door getting my shoes on. "where are you going?" asked Danielle. "I'm going to my parents house". i say opening the door. "its to late to be walking on the streets" Liam speaks, "and it like 2 hours away". "well where else can i go?" i say opening the door more. "wait" i hear Dani say. "stay tonight, you can sleep in the spare room" Danielle says as i turn my head. "but i don't want to bother you" i say turning my head again and about to walk out. "its fine, we would love to have you here" Liam speaks. "thank you guys, but its fine ill be ok, ill go to my parents or friends" i say now walking out of their house and now.

i have been walking for at least 20 minutes and now its 1:36 am. as im walking i feel like someone is following me. i start walking faster and i look back to see a man dressed in black right behind me. i couldn't see how old the person was or who it was as it was pitch dark. he starts getting closer and closer to me so i run as fast as i can. i look back and see him about 5 steps behind me. i keep running when i all the sudden trip, and hitting my head on the hard ground, causing me to blackout.


i wake up, in a somewhat familiar place. i try sitting up but as i sit up i get a really back pain in my head. "owww" i whine. "oh your up" i heard someone say. i don't know who it is as the light hurts my eyes. i feel someone walk up to me, and i get scared. "don't hurt me" i flinch when they touch my shoulder. i open my eyes now, even though the light hurts. "Louis?" i whisper. "Renee are you ok?" Louis asks. "Where am i?" i ask unsure. "we are in our house babe" Louis says grabbing my hand. "listen Renee" Louis adds. "yeah" i speak giving Louis a Little squeeze on his hand.

"about last night, i know i messed up, i know i was a jerk, i know you probably hate me, but i can't ever think of you not being by my side, i was wrong in so many ways, and i love you not her, your the one for me, please Renee take me back? Louis asked, i had tears in my eyes. this boy was my life, i loved him with all my heart, even if he did mess up, i forgive him. "Of course i forgive you Louis" i say and get up and hug him. we were both crying happy and sad tears. I'm just glad to be back in his arms.

"Renee?" Louis speaks while were in the middle of the hug. "yeah" i whisper in his ear. "i love you, you do know that right?" Louis says squeezing tighter on the hug. "Of Course Louis, i love you too".

Louis pulls away from the hug and looks me in the eyes, he pulls a strand of my hair behind my face. he kissed me passionately. we pulled away from kiss and Louis get on one knee. "Ive know we have had our ups and downs but i truly love you Renee, Please Make Me The Happiest Man Alive and Become Mrs.Tomlinson?" asked Louis. i could'nt believe what was just happening. "Of course Louis" i cry.


2 years later your happily married to Louis, with a Daughter who is 11 month's, Paige Jillian Tomlinson and you just found out you will be having a second baby boy who you name William James Tomlinson!.


i Hope you like it... i know it really wasn't what you wanted but i still hope its still something you will like! Love ya Mrs.Tomlinson ;)

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