Chapter 9- The First Morning ❤️

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I woke up, and turned over to check my phone

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I woke up, and turned over to check my phone. It was 7:30am. Wow I am an early bird, I thought to my self. I laughed and got up. No one will be up, I thought to myself so I went into my bathroom. Dad had left me a toothbrush and brush, along with a towel and some other stuff I needed for this morning. Today I was going to be going shopping with Lydia to get some new stuff, for me and school. Also my room. I was excited, but then something popped into my mind. When me and my mum went shopping. We went all the time,and it was like a mother daughter day out. After about 10 minutes of just thinking I decided to get in the shower. And calm down, thinking about what she would want me too do. I hopped out of the shower and grabbed some leggings and a hoodie. It was a red hoddie, and it said 'make better choices' imprinted on it. It was Billy's. Billy has been my best fiend since I was 10. So 4 years now, we had such a good friend ship. But he went away this summer so I'm sure he hasn't heard about the accident, I'll call him once school starts. He is a boy, and no we are not dating. But he has got millions of hoddies so I stole a few, it's the one thing that reminds me of Arizona. I put it on and did a bit of mascara, I don't really wear make up but I thought a tiny bit wouldn't hurt anyone? Right? I grabbed my phone and decided to text Billy to see if he would respond. You see, he went to Australia. And the signal is really bad so he hasnt been on his phone alot. I text him saying

Me:Hello, Billy. Me and my mother got into an accident a few days ago, she didn't make it. Resulting in my dad taking custody over me and now I live in California. I hope we can still stay in touch xxx
I set my phone on my bed and went over to my bag, to grab out my earphones. I plugged them into my phone and started to listen to music, not to loud. And it was only 8:30 and I have not heard any movement yet so I'm sure they are not awake. And I don't want them to hate me so I'm not gunna risk it. I put on the song
'LA da dee' by Cody Simpson
I listen to the full song and then hear someones door open. The one opposite me, I think it's Danny's, I go to my door and open it quietly. I look out to see a crying Danny. He looks at me then runs to me. He wraps his arms around me and hugs me tight. I hug him back, for about 20 seconds and then I break the hug, I look at him and whipe his tears.
"What's wrong Danny?" I ask while wiping another tear.
"I had a nightmare, and Im sorry." He says as he starts to cry again. I hug him again, his head in my neck and his crys are muffled.
"Sh... Its OK, even I have nightmares sometimes it's nothing to be ashamed of. OK?" I say as I look at him once more. He nods and he wipes his tears. I hold his hand, and bring him into my room.
"Do you wanna watch TV?" I ask and he nods, still wiping tears. I nod and put on the TV. I put on Alvin and the chipmunks and go to grab my phone. I sit down next to him and he cuddles up to me. I smile and rub his hair. Then someone knocks on my door. Danny looks up as I go up to answer it, I see Lydia and smile
"Is Danny in here with you?" she asks as she smiles back. I nod and lead her to Danny. Danny smiles as she sees his mum and runs up and hugs her.
"Did you have another nightmare bub?" she asks as she let's go of the hug.
"Rose helped me and let me watch a movie in her room!" He says as he looks at me.
"Thanks Rose!" She says as she walks out, with Danny behind. I smile and walk out to see Xvay. Xvay is one year younger than me, so I'm a big sister. And obviously Danny, who is 10. I know I'm their step sister, but I already feel like I've known them for ages.
"Hey Rose!" He says and walks with me down to the kitchen, I check my phone to see it's now 9:30am. We walk down to see all of the boys downstairs, except dad. I smile at the boys and I get alot of 'Morning!' and 'Morning princess'. I laugh at that nickname. I've been called that twice. I sit down, with Xvay on my left and Danny on my right. I smile at Danny and whisper to him.
"You ok?" I ask him. He nods and hugs me. I smile and look up to see the others cooing at how cute we are.
"The shows over over people, move on move on!" I say as I shoo them away to their seats. They laughs as we get served breakfast. PANCAKES! I love tacos but pancakes come in a close second on my favourite food list. I get Danny's food and then mine. I have some Nutella and strawberrys on mine, I only had one because the animals (Brothers and step brothers) ate them all. I laughs as they stuff their faces and look to see Danny laughing as well. I could get used to this...
Hello! This is one of the longest chapters I have ever written but this is the part of the story where it gets juicy! I can't wait to get on with the story. This chapter was about Rose and how she is with little ones, and that she can adapt to people quickly but not places. Please vote and I will see you tomorrow! - PurpleSlothStories ❤️

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