Chapter 2

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I come in my room n look around the mess n shudder. I need to clean it, but if I start cleaning my room right now, I will be very late. So I suppress the thought and start taking a shower. I wear my clothes n then put my over-sized hoddie n jeans on top of it. I make my hair in a simple bun n start making my way towards the school. as I entered the school, the first thing I see is a cute new boy standing in the office. I make my way towards my locker, but after taking the necessary books I see that he is hopeless where to go. I start to approach him but Sam beats me to it. Anyway I ignore them n start making my way to my class.

After the classes I enter the cafeteria, n see that Sam n Rue are also there. I buy my food n sit next to them. A few minutes later the new boy enters. "Ethan!" Sam shouts n then 'Ethan' comes n sits with Sam n his girlfriend. They then start talking about me n how crazy I am. Yeah, bitchs I'm crazy AF. The best part is when Rue tells Ethan how I became who I am, he tries to reason my behavior by saying ' I must have see a movie'. This is the by far the funniest reason I have ever heard about my behavior. I giggle but Ethan heard it n turned to look at me. I look back at him. But I remove my smirk n neutralize my face. I don't really show people my fear, happiness, sadness, anger or any other feeling.

I smile politely at him n get out of the cafeteria. I go to the bathroom. I wash my face my face n re-make my brunette hair. I then get out n go to my hands-down bike. Why don't I have a car? No, I'm not poor, in fact I'm the opposite of poor. But the reason why I don't drive a car is for another day. I get to my Queen (yes I named my bike) n start it n start making my way to home. I enter my home n keep the keys in their place. Everything is so quit. My mom is a doctor so she is always in hospital, n dad is a piolet, so he is rarely home. I keep my bag in place n take out my homework. Yeah... I know what you are thinking 'why in the world are you doing homework, right after you came from school?' Well bitches I got to do other things as well.

I complete my homework n go up to my room. As soon as I get I shudder hard. My room looks like a tornado came in it. I quickly start cleaning everything. In case you haven't noticed, I'm have borderline OCD. It's not sever or something, but it's there. I quickly clean up my room n organise my wardrobe.

I take a bath n put on nice clean clothes, n redo my hair, but this time I make a pig-tail style bun. I text 'I'm ready.' n wait. But while I wait I must do a very important thing. I must eat. I go down and make myself something to eat. While I'm eating I get a reply, 'Puke Again Run Kite'. I finish quickly n wash everything n pull my hood over n lock the house n start jogging. Soon I end up in the children's park. I seat on the swing n then wait. 5min later she pulls up. Then she starts kissing the boy like literally sucking his face, then they started doing even more things but I do my job n get out from there.

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