Nishinoya x reader

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You were on your way to school listening to music.

Nishinoya has a crush on you for quite a long time. He always try to get your attention and he can't stop thinking about you.

But he doesn't have the gut to confess his feelings to you.

As for you, you had feelings for him too. But you know how to hold your feelings towards him so that no one finds out.

Break time at cafeteria.

"Oi Tanaka, I want to confess my feelings to (y/n) chan. Please tell me how."

He begged Tanaka for lots of times and Tanaka agreed to him.

"Fine. But you have to follow everything I say. I'm going to help you get a girlfriend."

After school

Nishinoya was outside and he's on a very good mood.

"(Y/n)- chan!!"

"Oh, hi Nishinoya-senpai. What can I help you with?"

"Come see our practice!"

In your heart you were so excited.
Invited by Nishinoya- senpai?! That's like a rare thing!


"Come on!"

Nishinoya hold your hand and pulled you to the gym.

There was no one inside.

You were confused for a while.

Then, Nishinoya threw a volleyball towards you.

You caught the ball perfectly and he was amazed by it.


He gave you a big smile.

You look around the ball and saw something written on it.

'Date me'

You saw it then looked at Nishinoya and blush heavily.

"I like you (y/n)- chan!! Please go out with me. I had a crush on you like forever!"

You were so happy. Your face formed a big smile.

"Nishinoya senpai... I like you too. I liked you longer than you think."


"Of course,I'm just good at keeping it a secret."

"So... we're officially boyfriend- girlfriend now?" He asked to make sure.


Then suddenly, the volleyclub members came out from hiding and clapped their hands and congratulated you both.

"See I told you it'll work!"
You heard Tanaka-senpai shout.

Tsukki was teasing Nishinoya and you were laughing on the side.

You were so happy that finally you're together with Nishinoya- senpai.

It's like a dream come true.


Omg wth. I don't think this is nice lmao. But... I'm just doing this for FUN. 💕

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