Chapter Seven: Destined

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(Y/n)'s POV
I was tied in a wooden chair, my hands and feet bind. "Unbind me now you asshole." I spat, glaring at him as he circled around me. He stopped behind me as he wrapped his hands around my neck, going up to my cheeks as he traced my eyes and nose, tinkling me with his touch.

"Beautiful," he whispered through my ear, sending shivers through my spine. He drew back his arm and i began to hear him taking out something from the muffling sound of his pants. I looked at the corner of my eye when his other hand held onto my chin and made me face the other way.

"Don't move (y/n)." He demanded as i suddenly saw a sharp knife pointing at my neck. "You can't fucking tell me what to do Leo." I hissed, making him drew the knife closer and hit my skin. He made a swift cut, making me groan in pain.

I could feel the blood dripping down my neck, the stench making me feel sick. "Y-you fucking asshole, i'm bleeding." I hitch. "I know you're bleeding (y/n), what do you think i was trying to do?" He answered back to my comment, i glared at him as he chuckled back in response.

"You, you-- how did you took those pictures of me?" I asked, struggling to get the ropes that was tied on my wrist and ankles. It was becoming painful, the ropes were digging through my skin. He walked in front of me and knelt down to my knees. I looked down at him and he looked up at me.

He reached to touch my cheek, there was no tears, no stains. It was dry, no tears came down like waterfalls. He smiled, a smile that was something to be scared of. A smile that would make me cry even more, if i was ever the same that is. But i wasn't, i wasn't the same girl that i used to be.

I bit my bottom lip and scowled at him. I turned my head away as i leaned back at the wooden chair, letting his hand that was on my cheek redraw back. "Answer me! Were you stalking me? How did you know me when i don't know you?" I asked, i yelled this time to stop him from whatever thoughts he had in mind.

"Ever since i layed my eyes on you (y/n), i knew that i wanted you. But i couldn't approach you back then, i was afraid..." He whispered those last words as he lowered his head. I still held on my guard and stayed silent. He held my hand that was bind on the wooden chair and continued on, he looked up at me and spoke once again.

"I was afraid that i might hurt you, i was pathetic. I wanted you, but you didn't wanted me. If i made a move right there and now, i think i wouldn't be able to leave that country without taking you with me (y/n). I was only there for the time being, it was only a vacation," he stopped and smiled at me. I could see his eyes shining with brightness.

"But i came back. I came back and looked for you. I even hired mafias and assassin's to locate where you are. I wanted you, i needed you (y/n). And when they found you, i felt like my heart was beating for the first time. But..." He sigh, the sparkle in his eyes banished in split seconds as it turned into darkness, it was cold.

"But there's some things that had to be done in order for me to know where you were..." He pused for a second and drift his eyes away from me. I saw his other hand that was gripping onto the knife, he looked back up at me and smiled.

"In order for me to know where you were, i had to kill some couple of people. I mean, its their fault. It was their fault that they were too stubborn to tell." He sigh, "Who did you kill?" I asked, i couldn't hide my emotions as i looked at him with pure panic in my eyes.

He sigh once again and answered, "Your aunts, your other friends and some other few people." He stated it as if it was nothing. He said it with no emotions whatsoever, it was as if it was actually normal. I leaned forward and growled at him, my scowl coming back.

"Why did you kill them?! You fucking bastard! You killed all of them! Is that why my parents were always so uneasy?! You fucking murderer!" I yelled and began to rock the chair back and fourth, wanting to break free. He stood up and threw both of his hands down at both of the armrests of the wooden chair that my hands were tied in, he began to squeeze my wrist and looked at me in the eyes.

"They were in the way (y/n)!" He yelled back, "In the way of what!" I yelled back, demanding for a logical answer. "Our destiny! We were destined to be together my love! Don't you understand?! We are meant to be together!" He growled.

"No Leo, we were never meant to cross roads. You? Becoming my destiny?" I laughed and leaned close to his face, "We were never meant to be Leo. You just fooled yourself, and i just fell into your foolishness." I spat at him.

And in one swift, he had his one arm wrapped around my neck. "Lies y/n), those are lies! We are meant to be! We are meant to be married. We are meant to build a family. Can't you understand that (y/n)? We were meant to have children." He said, those words made my gut twist.

"Do you know what else is destined for you?" I asked. He raised a brow, "What?" He asked. "You were destined to be with a psychiatrist." I smirked, he began to tighten his grasp around my neck as i began to lose my breath.

"My sweet, sweet (y/n), you can't run away from me." He chuckle. Just as i was about to lose concious, we heard a door slam open. "Boss Leo! Let go of her!" I heard a familiar voice. It got closer as i could finally make out his face, despite the blurring of my sight.

Leo let go of me and i began to cough violently. "Boss, you should get your head clear up. How about some fresh air, yeah?" Zach said in a persuasive charm, his tone was calm and hid his other emotions. I heard Leo walking out of the room as Zach lift up my head.

"Hey! Hey! Hey! you alright?" I heard him asked with a shaky voice. My eyelids were half closed and i felt like i was going to faint anytime soon now. "Fuck you..." I whispered, "Watch your mouth miss, i may be just a slave but you gotta atleast have a little respect, jeez,"

He sigh amd stood up, making my head fall back down as i closed my eyes. I felt him unbinding me out of the wooden chair, the blood circulation finally running again from getting freed from those tight binds. He put an arm around my shoulder and gave me support. "Now, let's get you to your room miss. You look a mess."

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