Tsukki x reader

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You and Tsukki are enemies. You hate him so much that you wanna kill him.

He is always there to annoy you.

You usually use violence to get him to stay away from you.

He oftens tease about you being shorter than him when you're height is actually not bad. He teases about you're appereance, clumsiness and many.

"Oops, it's the short hoe."

"Shut up."

You punched his stomach and cause him to groan in pain. He glares at you and started teasing you more.

But you didn't know that Tsukki just wants your attention and cares so much about you.

One day

One of your closest family member died in an accident. You were so depressed that you didn't come to school for 2 weeks.

Tsukki was so worried about you. He can't focus on studying because he keeps thinking about you.

After school

Yamaguchi came to Tsukki.

"Tsukki let's go to the volleyball court and practice with the others!"

Tsukki didn't answered Yamaguchi and he was confused.

"Tsukki? Are you okay?"

Tsukki snaps out of it and nods at yamaguchi.

"Tell the others that I won't be joining practice today."

Yamuguchi was confused. Before he had the chance to ask Tsukki why, Tsukki had ran away.

Tsukki ran to your house as fast as he can. He's so desperate to see you again.

He arrived at your house. Banging the door loudly and called your name.


He called your name dozens of times.

Your parents were out of town. So, you were the one who opened the door.

He saw you with red eyes like you just finished crying. Black cirlcles under your both of your eyes like you lack sleeping.

He didn't care what you look liked. He immidiately hugged you and you were shock.

"(Y/n)! I missed you! Why didn't you call me!"

You were speechless. You didn't know what to say. You frozed there for a while.

Then Tsukki pulled your hand and dragged you towards your room.

He threw you on the bed and cover you with warm blankets.



"Just sleep."

He didn't give you a chance to speak.

He waited for you beside your bed.

Not even 5 minutes, you were already asleep soundly on your bed.

Tsukki stared at you and a small smile was formed on his face.

Hours later.

You woke up and saw the clock that it's 7 P.M. already. You smell someone cooking. It smells good. You went downstairs and take a look inside the kitchen. It was Tsukishima. He's making spaghetti.

"What are you doing here? You're suppose to go back home."

"I'm taking care of you until tomorrow."

"My parents will be fur-."

"I called your parents. They agreed and they'll be back next week. I will be staying here until tomorrow. I told my parents that there's camp and they believed me."

Oh no. This is gonna be like hell.

"Mind telling me why did you decide to come here?"

He said flatly,
"Because I care too much about you and I don't know that my love for you is this much."

You were speechless by his words and blushed heavily.

"Dinner's ready."

"I didn't know that you can cook."

The house was silence. Both of you felt awkward.

You finished your dinner and looked at the time it's 09.00 P.M. already.

"I'm going to sleep."

Tsukki didn't say anything and only nodded.

You went upstairs and throw yourself at your bed.

Tsukki's sleeping downstairs at the sofa.

Both of you couldn't sleep.

You felt so bored and you went down to bug Tsukki if he's still awake.

You slowly went down the stairs and saw Tsukki still awake.

"Not yet asleep?"

"Nope," He said.



"I feel sad."


"I lose someone I loved so much."

Tears started to roll down from your eyes. You started sobbing.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to cry in front of you. It... just hurts a lot."

Tsukki took your hand and pull you towards him and hugged you tightly.

"(Y/n), stop crying. I'm here okay?"

"Why are you acting so different in a sudden!"

"Is there a problem with it?"

"Yes, it flutters my heart."

Tsukki stares at you in a moment.

He ends up confessing to you.

"I love you, (y/n)."

"I love you too, Tsukki."


damnnnnnn idk if dat's noice or not.
It's cringey but OK.

I got inspiration from korean drama LOL

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