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I woke up on the sound of the boys arguing down stairs so i quickly went downstairs to see what happening

And found taehyung and jin arguing


"Hey!that strawberry is mine give it back!"jin said and started taking it away from taehyung but taehyung is putting it away from jin

"No this is mine!"taehyung protest

"No!mine!"jin protested"taehyung give it back!remember im your hyung!"he added

"Remember too im a maknae!"taehyung said

So i went to the fridge and found alot of strawberries and facepalm myself and took the strawberries

"Really taehyung oppa and jin oppa"i said and show them the strawberries

And they stop arguing and taehyung put down the strawberry

"Make sure to share!"i said and went upstairs

So i started to do my morning routine

After that i went to work...

(At the office)

I was sitting at my chair looking at the celling until someone knock on the door

"Come in!"i comand so i look to the door it was soobin

"Noona!this is your schedule for today.."he gave me a piece of paper and i started reading it

'Most of it are meetings'

"Okay thank u soobin!just remind it to me..."i said

"Okay noona your first meeting is 3:00pm"soobin said

I look at my watch it still 12:00pm

"Well i just need to take some walk or something be back before 3:00pm"i said and he nodded and he went out

So i took my bag and coat with me and i took out my phone out of my pocket
And texted my friends




Do yeon:whats up?

Su jin:its been weeks!i miss you!

Hyerim:i miss you all too!do u guys want to hang out today?

Do yeon:dont you have work?

Su jin:yea...your dad is gonna be mad at you..

Hyerim:dont worry my meeting is at 3:00pm and im really bored at my office

Hyeji:sure!im really bored to!

Su jin:well see u guys later at the mall!



(End of conversation)

I took all of my things went inside my car and drove to the mall


I arrive at the mall and found my friends waiting for me

"Sujin!hyejin!"i shout and went to them running"i miss u both!"i said and hug them tightly

Until my phone rings and i broke the hug i reach my phone to my pocket to see

...........is calling me


Who could it be?

Sorry if u all wait so long!!i love you all♥️

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