Chapter 30

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~Andy's POV~

"I guess I'll see you then" he said to me and kissed me back.

I smiled at that thought. Remembering what he had said to me before I left the room as I walked down the empty halls.

I started to head to my lesson, already comfortable with the fact that I was gonna be late.

Nobody really cared for history anyway. But I had to go if I wanted to keep up. This school moved very fast after all.

At least Brook was in my class. I arrived at class and immediately went to sit next to him. My teacher gave me a disappointing look as I walked in extremely late, but I didn't care. I was still hung up on what happened only moments before in my dorm room.

Andy - "Hey Brook" I said and smiled.

Brook - "You seem happy today." He said with a smile.

This boy always seemed to smile. He was always happy. And in the short week I had known him, he always had a smile on his face. It was sometimes annoying, but whenever I was with him, a smile crept up on my face to go with his.

Andy - "Yeah I am" I said with a smile that matched his.

Brook - "Maybe this has something to do with it?"

I felt him poke my neck and I got self aware. Of course, I forgot about the hickeys Rye gave me. I didn't even bother trying to cover them up.

Brook - "So, who gave you these?" He said, still poking the marks on my neck.

Andy - "No one" I snapped.

I swatted his hand away. He didn't need to know about me and Rye. I didn't even know what we were. My cheeks started to get slightly hotter and I knew I was blushing. But Brook was persistent. And he kept bugging me.

Brook - "Well they must be special if you blush at the thought of them" he smirked.

Andy - "Oh shut up" I said, trying to end this conversation as soon as possible.

I heard a cough from the front of the class and I looked to see our teacher giving us the death stare. Or ember version of it anyway. I gave her an "I'm sorry" look and tried to start my work.

But my plan failed thanks to the smiling boy sitting next to me.

Brook - "Who was it" he whisper-shouted.

Andy - "It doesn't matter" I retaliated.

But all throughout the lesson he nagged and nagged me until I couldn't take it anymore. What would it matter if he knew. He was only friends with me and Sonny. And he isn't the gossiping type. It wasn't like the news would get out if he knew.

Brook - "Please tell me!" He pleaded.

Andy - "Fine" I said loudly. Which earned me yet another death stare from the teacher.

So I whispered to him.

Andy - "Rye" Iwhispered quietly, hoping he heard me.

Brook - "What? I didn't hear you."

That little shit. Oh, how I wanted to scream Rye's name across the school and yell to the whole world that I loved him. But I couldn't. And I wouldn't. But for Brooks benefit I said it again.

Andy - "Rye Beaumont."

Then he smiled even more. And I got the feeling he head happy for me. Not jealous. Or mad. Happy. Unbelievably happy for me. Which made me smile.

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