Prequel Novel: The Prisoner of Tardalim

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It's been a year, but I finally started uploading a prequel novel to A Prince's Errand here on Wattpad.   You can read it here:

The story, The Prisoner of Tardalim, features a character that you've read about in A Prince's Errand but only met once.  Amendal Aramien. (Yes, the spelling on his last name is different than what is in the version on Wattpad.  At the behest of my most loyal readers I was asked to make the spelling match my pronunciation.  I mean, I'm from Utah, we have all kinds of pronunciations that don't match the spelling. pfft...)

Now that that diatribe is over, we can move onto the meat of this part.  What's the story about?

Well, it takes place fifty-four years before A Prince's Errand.  In fact, it takes place two months after Iltar is born.  As I said, it features a young version of Amendal, before he goes crazy.  If you need a refresher on who Amendal is, go back and read "Greater Kalda VI: Dith" in A Prince's Errand.

Here's the blurb from the backcover:

"Tor's rebellion war against the Mindolarn Empire has delivered a crippling blow, the death of Emperor Mentas. Seeking aid from their allies, the Mindolarn Empire turns to the Principality of Soroth, and their society of mages–the Sorothian Magical Order.

"In an effort to aid the empire, the Order's council calls for an expedition to travel to the nethermost reaches of the world, the Abodine Wasteland. There they must venture to a reliquary of ancient tevisrals–magical objects–rumored to be hidden within crystal ruins leftover from a fabled war now long forgotten.

"Among those heading to the perilous wastes is Amendal Aremien, a conjurer with a quick-wit, keen mind, and a philandering appetite. Forced into this expedition, Amendal begrudgingly enters the depths of the reliquary. What he unearths will forever change his life and set the stage for the return of a Dark God."

I've always wanted to write an Amendal story, and it's taken me a few years but I've pieced together the tale I want to tell of my crazed friend.  Of all the characters in mine and my father's series, Amendal is one of my favorites.  He's just the coolest dude, and you get to see that in this story.

The Prisoner of Tardalim has a little bit of everything.  There's action, adventure, romance, and of course wonder.  It starts off in Soroth, but then moves to the Abodine Wasteland, the frigid antartic continent of Kalda.

Though I didn't plan it, this story has turned into a bestiary of sorts, showing at least a dozen new creatures native to Kalda.  So far I've written in yidoths, quinta'shals (mages' parasites), yaeldis, nactili, cisthyrns, ice-flyers, xilerans (spiked and unspiked), colinas, crysillacs, and of course gangolins.  With more to come.

The story also dives into the greater aspects of our conjuration magic, particularly the "Aldinal Plane" and the "Visirm Expanse".

I've been writing the story since June 2019 (not quite two months), and I'm about halfway through it. I plan to be done sometime in September if I can hold to schedule.  This book shouldn't be as long as A Prince's Errand, maybe about a third the size-fingers crossed.

Our cover artist, Kerem Beyit, will be starting on the cover in a month or so.  For now, we have a temporary placeholder for the illustration.  The layout will be the same, but we'll have different picture, with Amendal and Fench sliding down a mountainside, preparing to battle Orath'issian.  Nope.  I won't tell you anything about Orath'issian.  Well, not yet at least.

*Temporary cover, I nor LOK Publishing own the illustration

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*Temporary cover, I nor LOK Publishing own the illustration.  It is a placeholder until Kerem finishes the official cover art.

The Prisoner of Tardalim is going to be one of four prequel novels in the Tales of the Amulet series.  I plan to release one prequel every three novels.  The next one is going to be about the fall of the Merdan elves and that whole fiasco.  That's a few years out, though.

Fall 2019 we're going to be launching a Kickstarter campaign for The Prisoner of Tardalim, focused on raising funds to offset the cost of production.  If you'd like to be notified of the launch, join my mailing list by visiting: and subscribing with your email.

You can start reading The Prisoner of Tardalim by following this link:

I plan to upload at least the first 10% here on Wattpad, which is roughly the first three to four chapters.

Thanks, and enjoy!


Robert Zangari

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