Chapter 48 - Like father, like son

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I half smile as she grabs Allison and rubs her back soothingly. "She sleeps a lot, so it's not hard. All that you're missing is your confidence. You can do this Zayn."

I frown. "She's so fragile though."

"When I was at a fragile moment, you held me. These past few weeks before we had her, you helped me through everything. You massaged my huge and really ugly swollen feet. You fed me when I was hungry but too exhausted to eat. You showered me in love." Victoria says. "You're capable of being anything."

I look down as a burp comes from allusion that manages to slice through the tension.

I chuckle and look down at Allison who looks drunk and tired.

"She cries every time I hold her."

Victoria pierces her lips together. "It's because you're afraid of her."

I frown. "No I'm not."

"You are."

I sigh and stand to my feet. "I'm going to take a shower."


"Zayn?" Victoria groans. "Zayn." She says sternly.

I keep my eyes closed.

"Zayn I know you're awake. Can you please get her."

"No." I frown.


I groan back."

"Seriously, I know you're a bit down in the dumps, but at least grab her and bring her here!" Victoria says annoyed.

I don't reply and Victoria pushes the blanket off and doesn't even bother turning off the baby monitor.

Through the baby monitor I can hear her cursing me out and I smirk as I close my eyes when I hear her walking back into the room and sitting on the bed.

"Can you pass me the bib on your side by the side table?" Victoria murmurs.

I groan and reach over to grab it before tossing it behind me and Victoria hits me with it.

"I hope you're enjoying your rest!" she scowls.

"Ow!?" I frown. "You wanted a baby, didn't you?" I scowl over my shoulder.

Victoria sighs annoyed and fluffs up the cushions to lay Allison on it and I turn over to my side to see Victoria staring down at Allison.

She blinks several times before she stands from the bed and walks out of the room.

Sighing to myself, I look back at Allison and pinch her small cheeks. "I guess you want to sleep with your Mummy and Daddy eh?"

I carefully grab Allison and lay her into my arms before falling asleep again.

Waking up the next morning was definitely something.

I had Allison screaming in my ears and I groan.

I try to hush her by lightly tapping on her mouth teasingly which only creates a blabbering sob. I chuckle quietly before Victoria takes her and hushes her quietly.

I frown and look back at the untouched side of her bed.

"Where were you?" I question.

She doesn't say anything and I sigh annoyed.


"Zayn. I'm tired. Don't push me." In other words - fuck off.

I bite my lip and stop myself from touching her. Allison however has stopped crying which I'm not surprised about.

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