three [ meeting ]

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year 2016, march 1st

"why the fuck are they chasing us?!"

"how the fuck am i supposed to know that?!"

"stop yelling and just run, for fuck's sake!"

jungkook didn't know how he ended up in this situation in the first place. when he stepped his foot to seoul, he was followed by other wolves that he doesn't know, hiding amongst the swarm of humans.

they follow him within a safe distant even though they probably aware of jungkook knowing that he was being followed. which makes him wonder, are they the people that the rogue alpha sent to drag him back? or are they the people that the grand alpha sent to hunt him down?

either way, he's screwed.

when he told yugyeom and bambam to stay on guards and try to look for an escape route, they chase him.

"seriously, i can't run anymore!" bambam wheezed, almost tripping on the flat ground if it weren't for yugyeom catching him first and help him up. he's just that clumsy sometimes. besides, to his defense, he's really exhausted.

they already a bit further from those who chase them. but it's not far enough since jungkook could still smell them. he stopped and turn around to look at yugyeom who's now carrying bambam in bridal style.

"how romantic." bambam rolled his eyes.

"just shut up, you're heavy." yugyeom glare at him. he's just as tired as bambam but he wouldn't let the omega slow them down or taking the last option to leave him alone.

"just how far are we supposed to run?" yugyeom jogged towards jungkook who darted his eyes around in alarmed, frowning when the smell of the wolves that chase them down scattered in random distances.

"i don't think we're safe yet. they must be planning on something." then the three of them ran again towards more crowded place.

after what it feels like couple of hours, running through the crowds of humans which jungkook despise so much, they finally stopped in front of a huge hotel, lights sparkly that made bambam stare wide-eyed.

"it's so pretty." the smaller man told, clutching his hand onto yugyeom's shirt. the latter chuckles at how cute bambam looked, amazed with the pretty lights. his reaction was expected though since they don't have that much of sparkly lights in the woods.

jungkook glance around, smirking when a sudden idea popped out from his head. "i think i know what we should do next."


hoseok sighed for the nth time today as the loud bickering that wasn't too far from where he was seated blared nonstop since an hour ago. if he thought that namjoon and jin were too much of a trouble, then taehyung and jimin are worse.

thank god they move to a hotel with a penthouse suite which they rent the entire floor for themselves and their team. it's even more crowded once jimin and taehyung joined them.

it all happened two weeks ago.

they meet when jackson and tzuyu had an order from namjoon to track down the ravens. jackson finding it weird as to why the ravens chasing the two cotton candy head, try to drag the two of them with him, jaebum and jungeun helped him. it didn't go smoothly though.

but they spare hoseok the details and now here they are, acting as if they've known each other long enough to not be bothered with simple manners.

the two was fucking loud, louder than namjoon and jin could ever be, and they didn't hesitate to put their words into action.

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