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Username: nanasysoName: Kim MinhyuckStage Name: ApolloNickname(s): Min, Minnie, Hyuck, Hyuckleberry Finn, Chicken, Fox Age: 19DOB: 01/14/2001Height: 5'9" (175

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Username: nanasyso
Name: Kim Minhyuck
Stage Name: Apollo
Nickname(s): Min, Minnie, Hyuck, Hyuckleberry Finn, Chicken, Fox
Age: 19
DOB: 01/14/2001
Height: 5'9" (175.5 cm)
Weight: 130 lbs (59 kgs)
Blood Type: A
Birthplace // Hometown:
Gumi SK//Gumi SK
Nationality: South Korean

- Polite, genuine, caring, accepting, charismatic
-Snarky, sarcastic (only with people he's comfortable with though), and dorky
-Strong-willed, dependable, responsible
-Dorky, geeky, strange at his core, and can be cute when he wants to
-Quiet, observant, awkward, a true ambivert

-Bottles up his feelings and often will choose to forget about them and put others before him even when it's not necessarily good for him
-he fiddles with his bracelet, watch, fingers, rings, or shirt hem when he's nervous
-Fighting(bickering) with Aejeong(Ace)
-Stealing all the hot water from showers

- Sushi & chicken
- Superhero and detective movies, comics, and books
- Anime (especially One Punch Man, BNHA, and Detective Conan)
- Michael Jackson, Ed Sheeran, The Piano Guys, TwoSetViolin, Taemin, and Jinyoung
- Talking to people

- Talking to people
- Not getting enough sleep
- His dolphin shrieks and braces

-He lived a pretty normal life with his mom and little sister.
-He went to school with Ace (Aejeong) so they're really good friends but also hate each other simultaneously
-His parents got divorced when he was seven and really doesn't remember much or care for his dad
-He's always wanted to be a part of the music industry but had to wait to leave his home before he could

Choi Yeonhyun//42//Mom//Accountant
Kim Mikyung//12//Sister//Student

Solo or Group: Group + MC 
Face Claim: Yang Jeongin (Stray Kids)

+ Dance - 10/10
+ Vocals - 10/10
+ Rap - 4/10
+ Visuals - 8/10
+ Acting - 6/10
+ MC'ing - 9/10


Dance - Lex Ishimoto | SYTYCD S14 Audition

Vocals - Yang Jeongin | Impossible

Vocals - King of Masked Singer | Young K of Day6 | When I Hold You In My Arms 

MC - Jeno & Yeeun cut 3/19/19

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